Cant open toolbar after ended flight!

After ending flight the logbook pops up. When pressing continue i cant open the toolbar with the tab key. This happend after SU5.

Nobody other have found this issue??

I had a similar issue. In my case, the cockpit view went grey like it does when the logbook opens but the logbook wasn’t visible. I couldn’t interact with the cockpit at all

Same here, it’s very anoying because I need to close simulator in order to have again the toolbar usable again. This absurd loogbook popup is an issue that need to be fixed as a lot of us ask to ASOBO. Looking for a workaround.

It’s the same for me. Not only can’t I open the toolbar after the logbook pop-up. All my open windows, like the navigraph chart viewer or FSKneeboardPro, are closed in the process. It was also that I wasn’t able to reactivate VR after the logbook pop-up. That is if I switched back to 2D and tried to enter VR afterwards it gave me an error.

The same thing happens to me, when I finish the flight and turn off the engine it tries to open the logbook but the screen remains gray and I can only close msfs2020

My ‘fix’ is to switch to 2D and then back in VR again. Annoying but seems to do the trick.

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Same here.

Same problem. Really annoying!! Sometimes I can get it back by going 2D and back to VR, but most of the time I can’t get back into VR and get the even more annoying “The initialization of VR failed.” error, at which point I have to quit an restart, totally destroying the immersion of doing a multi leg flight in the FBW A320.

I wish MS/Asobo give VR a little bit more love. There seems to be zero development since VR came out. I know that a lot of people fly in VR. It’s awesome, but almost a year on, we still can’t even scale the cockpits/world to the correct size! How hard can that be?

And can we please have an option to switch the log book off, totally ruining the immersion in VR?

Yep very annoying, don’t want to be paranoid about effectively ending a flight if I press the wrong button, the flight shouldn’t end until I explicitly say so.