Cant open toolbar after ended flight!

After ending flight the logbook pops up. When pressing continue i cant open the toolbar with the tab key. This happend after SU5.

Nobody other have found this issue??

I had a similar issue. In my case, the cockpit view went grey like it does when the logbook opens but the logbook wasn’t visible. I couldn’t interact with the cockpit at all

Same here, it’s very anoying because I need to close simulator in order to have again the toolbar usable again. This absurd loogbook popup is an issue that need to be fixed as a lot of us ask to ASOBO. Looking for a workaround.

It’s the same for me. Not only can’t I open the toolbar after the logbook pop-up. All my open windows, like the navigraph chart viewer or FSKneeboardPro, are closed in the process. It was also that I wasn’t able to reactivate VR after the logbook pop-up. That is if I switched back to 2D and tried to enter VR afterwards it gave me an error.

The same thing happens to me, when I finish the flight and turn off the engine it tries to open the logbook but the screen remains gray and I can only close msfs2020

My ‘fix’ is to switch to 2D and then back in VR again. Annoying but seems to do the trick.

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Same here.