Cant progress in Flight Training lesson 1

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I cant progress in the first lesson in Flight Training. It wants me to adjust the clock, but adjusting the clock doesn’t trigger the objective to complete. I’ve tried the bindings it asks, and creating new bindings.
Nothing causes it to progress.
I have attached a video of said issue

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Start the first lesson in Flight Training (Flight Training → Basic Handling → Introduction)
Go through the tutorial until you get to the part where it asks you to adjust the clock

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Two Gladiator NXT EVOs, Honeycomb Yoke, Mouse and Keyboard

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have you tried to change the “hours” , not only the “minutes” ?

Yep, and made sure to give each a full rotation in each direction

hmm… I tried it ( I rotated with the mouse the little knob at the clocl ) and it goes future on… somewhat with looking out of the window :laughing:

You got it to progress the tutorial?

I managed the “clock”… Then these young girl-teacher spam me with " I can add a camera short cut " , what I do, but what she ignore :joy:

EDIT: OMG … this tutorial… She wants exact the View-1 and I tried 0 and 9 :rofl: … at least… it goes future on.