Can't purchase An-2

Steam on PC. Just updated to SU12 today and saw the An-2 was available for $9.99 USD. Clicked on “Buy and Download,” and it changes to “Purchase in Process,” but the Steam window never appears for me to purchase. I’ve tried restarting MSFS as well as my computer. Still exhibiting the same behavior.

Check in steam settings that in game overlay is turned on

I wonder if that’s it. I recently did a “verify file integrity” because I knew it would reinstall MSFS. Now I’ve lost my overlay that had my FPS counter from Steam.

I think I might need to email them on this one, because I removed the overlay check, saved…then re-enabled and re-loaded the game with no success.

(edit) Re-installed Steam client (without removal) on itself, hoping that would work. It didn’t. Removed Steam, reinstalled Steam, and now I’m doing a full reinstall of MSFS. (cry)