Can't restart the flight in London city area with Extra 330 LT

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After Sim Update 3, I can’t restart the flight in London area with Extra 330 LT.
(I found not only Extra330 but also other planes have the same issue.)

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Press Esc during the flight and then press Home key and Enter to restart the flight.
Stuck at Progress screen.

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No. Not yet.

Can’t restart the flight in London city area - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Sometimes airplanes are not initialized correctly after Sim Update III.
So I need to restart the flight. (esc → home → enter)
But, I can’t restart the flight. Alwaly stuck at loading screen after progress bar fully filled.
Other areas are seem to be fine but only London city area has the problem.
I would like to know if the ploblem is only for my case.
Thank you for your feedback in advance.

I’m not sure this is related to the orbx London city add-on or London City airport.


I am having the exact same pattern. Every time I fly in London it starts fine the first time but if I have to restart the flight I get stuck forever on the loading screen. I have the latest game version (1.14), the World Update III (UK) and Orbx’s London City Pack & EGLC.

My father has the exact same setup except the Orbx’s EGLC and has the same issue.

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Thank you for your confirming. I got this issue to zendesk.
( #97556 I can’t restart the flight in London area.)

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Not sure if this is related but the following is on FS Release Notes for the latest version:

ORBX London Landmarks Scenery (3rd party content) is currently conflicting with this update. This is actively being worked on, but in the meantime, we recommend disabling this 3rd party scenery.


I have the same problem , and the exact same set of scenery add-ons. I also have the new Spitfire from Flying Iron but unsure if that’s important. Because the Spitfire is tricky to takeoff, I needed to use the Restart. But 2 out of 2 times it got stuck at 100% loading bar.

Using the Spit as well.

Thank you for your information. I have deleted orbx London city pack and tested it. But, the result was same. I think the issue is related to the SimUpdate 3.

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I have the same issue without any Orbx installed

Thank you. I already took this issue to zendesk. And, they said they have recorded the bug in their internal bug and issue tracker. I wish they could fix it.

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It seems to be solved by the update