Can't reverse axis on Logitech g pro flight throttle quadrant

Hey everyone,
My throttle lever is working backwards (have to bring it down for power) . I figured all I had to do was reverse axis and save it which works until I try to fly and bring power up but halfway up the lever reverts back to the original setting.
I’ve deleted drivers and had windows install them to no avail. It’s the ps2 style that comes with the yoke. Should I buy the stand alone quadrant? Thanks for any help!!!

Seems as though to be a compatibility syncing issue with the drivers. However, be sure your deleting all selected inputs for the keyboard and stick customs. If the reverse is assigned for the keyboard or stick, you will have issues.

It sounds as if you selected AXIS X+ or X- instead of plain X. (or Y or Z)

I use x2 quadrants and I use reverse thrusters in toggle mode, they use the assigned button in the hard detente at the back of the levers, the assigned buttons in the quadrants are 7, 8 and 9.

So if you use the two levers on the right, middle and right levers, assign button 8 and 9 to toggle reverse thrusters in the sim under your quadrant option…done!!!

And like tan said above use the lette only option not the + or - for the axis, make sure you use the 7, 8 or 9 buttons to assign the toggle reversers

Try restarting the sim with the normal axis, don’t reverse them, same happened to me but if you save the normal axis and then apply and save, exit sim and restart sim jump into a different aircraft you will find it will work fine.

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I moved it to another usb port and ticked off reverse axis and it works like a charm!!! Thanks very much!!!

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