Cant Run Game - downloaded update

So I tried to run MSFS today, downloaded the 1.03gb update, then nothing happened…

Now when I click to start MSFS, it redirects me to MS store gaming services.

I have tried manually uninstalling using powershell and reinstall via xbox app, still nothing works.

Logged in and out of store and xbox nothing…

Any ideas anyone? I really dont want to reinstall the whole thing again!

5 hours of messing around with all windows settings.

Not sure which worked but made a new user account and updated windows version to latest 20h2 version. I had to uninstall the game, luckily keeping the old packages meant I didnt have to reinstall all the 127gb.

What really f***ing annoys me is why are we forced to update? why cant we choose when? I have moved to somewhere with only a 10mbit download speed, the update is 13.67gb, takes forever…another 5 hours!

all i wanted to do was a quick 30min flight which has now turned into 10 hours to get fixed!!

Every update for me is a complete reinstall. Yup a good 3-4 hrs every time oh yea and after that the same busted planes guaranteed.

I installed from the Store no Xbox but had the same issue and found that while the Store will not install Gaming Services even when I ask it to (tried the powershell fix with no results), they are actually installed but not working or running.

Open Services in Windows (services.msc), look for the 2 Gaming Services entries, start or restart them both and see if you can now start MSFS. It works for me each time, and I usually have that issue after a sim restart or PC reboot.

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