Cant see other Vatsim aircraft!

Hi all,

Last night I was on a flight from Southend to Edinburgh.

I was the middle aircraft of a group of 3 flying into EGPH. The controller separated us and managed our speeds well to ensure separation but on approach it suddenly dawned on me that I couldn’t see the other Vatsim aircraft at all.

I know where they should have been and I am confident they would have been visual to me but I couldn’t see any other aircraft until on the ground.

I’ve looked at all my settings and cant work out which setting I’ve got wrong.

Anybody else experiencing not being able to see other aircraft and have any idea if there is an easy setting rectification?

On all previous Vatsim flights, I have seen other aircraft.



The draw reduction is more than you think ; I’ve flown VATSIM for ages on other platforms and they have the same problem.

The best way to test is to go somewhere like EGLL/EGKK (check on Vattastic) when it’s busy and there’s ATC on there ; you can check the plane set up works and also the audio, just do a radio check with Ground or Tower. They won’t mind, as long as it’s not insanely busy…

I’ve flown multiple flights on Vatsim previously and have always been able to see aircraft from miles away. Last night, there should have been multiple aircraft within approx 5 miles and I couldn’t see any. Panning around, I realised that I couldn’t see any other aircraft at all.
This seems to have just all of sudden become a problem.

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I have a few wishlist topics about this subject that I follow. Feel free to give them a vote!

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