Can't see the 15gb update

Hallo, after applying the patch in the store I switched to the game and I don’t get the window to download the 15gb update. It takes me in the game. When I am in I see that the marketplace option is grayed out among the profile. When I go to the content manager I see no madatory content. Please advise me. Thank you!

Similar problem here, I installed the manditory update in the Xbox Store, but when I launch the sim I get no update window, says I’m on version I do have access to the marketplace and was able to launch a flight but it was very buggy. Sim is unplayable until I it updates, I have rebooted many times and logged out of the Xbox store and back in, still no update.

Make that a third person with the same problem…

Solved the issue, had to reinstall :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you all for the replies. I reinstalled today. When I open the game to install the content manager I get a warning now that the content servers are unavailable. My internet connection is just fine. This is getting so frustrating now.

I’m in the exact same situation like you. Lets just give it some time…

I have the same problem. The strange thing is that, in game, it says that is the 1.8.3 version, but it simply downloaded the initial file form Windows Store.
Before reinstalling, considering my slow Internet, I think I will wait some days, to see if the issue will be solved server side.

I submited already a ticket. Do you know if their is another way to contact them?

Makes you the lucky one considering those bugs in the new patch.