Cant select FMS as nav source

I Cant select FMS as nav source in the left (little) garmin display. i can switch between nav1, nav2 and gps - but not FMS.

What i am doing wrong? (sorry - noob here).

Don’t know which aircraft you are talking about, but usually there is either GPS or FMS available to select for navigation.

cessna-citation-long. All the guides on YT tell me to select FMS as nav source on the little Garmin display on the far left side. but i can’t because i can only switch between NAV1, NAV2 and GPS. They all can switch between NAV1, NAV2, GPS AND FMS. But I can’t.

Do you have a link? I’ve just watched two (old) tutorials and both could only cycle between NAV1/2 and FMS.
Are you using the original Longitude? I have only the NAV1/2/GPS option as well.

edit: Found another, new one, which also has only the GPS option.

Maybe i was wrong when i wrote they can switch between NAV1-NAV2-GPS-FMS - but they CAN switch between NAV1-NAV2-FMS.

And i CANT select FMS because its never an option to select. But all of them use it.

Are they using the default unmodified version? Are these videos post SU3?

Since there’s no other way to switch nav sources I’m pretty sure these are either modified and/or pre SU3 version.

That said, besides the different letters there isn’t any difference concerning navigation.

Looks like they all use stock - and all pre-SU3.

Sorry i am total noob. One tutorial states AP only follows your flightplan (magenta line) if you select FMS as nav-source. Is this not true? Can it do this with GPS selected also?

The magenta line and nav functions are identical in the sim, regardless if it says GPS or FMS .
That’s why I wrote it’s IRL usually either GPS or FMS.

@MasterElwood You have the WT G1000/3000 mod installed?

Here is some noob advice. WHENEVER you update a mod, READ the change logs and patch notes. In there it says that they changed the words “FMS” to “GPS” in the little garmin.

nope - dont have the WT G1000/3000 mod or any garmin/Airplane mod installed yet.

The stock Longitude/Garmin only has the FMS option. GPS is not an option.

Maybe you have a mod installed that you don’t realize.

In any case, GPS is the same as FMS

It’s the other way round. Only GPS, no FMS.

thanx all. i don’t care if it’s just another name - as long as it’s working :blush:

ps: and i really don’t have a mod installed…