Can't select runway, gate, departure or arrival - locked to airborne

I got Sim Updated 10 Beta. Today I’ve downloaded a small update, and now ALL airports seems to not have any parking spots… I can only select “airborne” in the dropdown menu…
Anyone has the same issue?

Restart the sim. It should fix itself.

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If a Sim restart doesn’t help, try restarting your system.

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Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


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Whenyou click on an airport in the world map and select Set as departure (or arrival), it will show the departure as ‘airborne’. the actual departure will be on the runway, however which runway that is, is not shown in the UI.

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go to world map, click on airport, click set as departure/arrival

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Restart the sim. It should fix itself.

Doesn’t work. It has done this multiple times over various days.

I think you have to be on a parking space or runway, otherwise it will put you in the air.

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Yeah that is literally what I do. And it worked like that in older versions but in this beta it is broken. The UI will display ‘X feet in the air’ though it will still spawn on the runway.

Another thing is that this bug is not very consistent, as in it doesn’t happen every time. I’ve had it a couple of times yesterday and today, but not all the time.

Have not seen that yet. I will keep my eyes open.

cannot confirm that. works like always here.

Cant confirm this either, never saw such a behaviour.

Maybe you have mod which interferes with the world map. Try to track down what you have changed since working normal and behaving like this.

First time I saw this was in su10beta but others said they’ve seen it before.

I saw it once, restarted the sim, and have yet to see it again.

Started to happen to me as well, after flying one of the so-called “ACTIVITIES” which, by design, started airborne. Since then, I cannot select a runway, the game wants to start airborne.

I have the same issue today after latest patch

never had this before until yesterday and again tonight

i’m also getting this from time to time

Just had this behavior also - Restart the SIM and goes away - Weird!

I had this issue once, but haven’t been able to replicate it.

Xbox Series X

This issue just hit me today 3/18/23. Can’t select ILS runway just says airborne 500 ft.