Can't set trim -it rolls backwards by itself alpha bravo

Is there any way to put the Alpha Bravo throttle right back to default like the day i bought it.? I was told to get the Fly by wire program, and the worst thing i ever did, everything was set so good now it’s a mess. The trim wheel was perfectly fine, i took fly by wire right out of the control panel but still something is ailing the trim wheel. Let’s say i trim down with the wheel, after I set it, it rolls backwards by itself slowly and now I’m out of ideas. I went to the Bravo site and downloaded the drivers after removing them from the control panel and reinstalling them and rebooting but it’s still the same. When you roll the trim, it seems like it wants to travel but it’s like something is holding it back. I checked the keyboard trim settings for the keyboard and removed all the settings there and removed the trim setting on my Precision yoke rocker switch, and now I’m out of ideas. Thanks Louis

Look in the Assistance settings and make sure auto trim is off.

Thanks Non, my friend knows this stuff inside out and on team s talked me through the elimination process. It took about 2 hours but what it turned out to be, with all these darn updates and the last one Update 10 somehow a lot of my settings went to default and in Assistance it was set to Custom and when you look at the Pilot tab it was set to EASY ,he made me put it to Hard and that was the fix. i would of never found it .