Can't stand pop in anymore

Just did a flight in Chicago airport this morning , photogrammetry on , with airliner, did some touch and go on 28r runway so you 're approaching Chicago in front of you.

Things are unstandable to see now, the town just poping in front of you . You see the boat first, no skyscrapers, then one, two , …

Ridiculous… No realism anymore approaching airport…



A lot of people complaining of this, but so few votes on my recommendation:

Although, even if it reached 1000 votes, I’d still be surprised if it was implemented.


I wanted to check out the new DEM data in SoCal between San Diego and LA, so took the C172 for a flight along a route I’ve flown literally dozens of times now.

It was terribly disappointing. Flying at 4000 feel up the coast, the new DEM was basically popping in as I was right on top of it. The old DEM for that area was pretty good, and you see it until you’re basically on top of it and the new DEM pops into existence.

Is it better? Resolution is definitely better, but the draw distance is basically non-existent. The fact you have to be on top of it for it to draw in is terrible and immersion breaking.

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A LOT of this everywhere right now, not just in the US. I think the servers are slammed still. Give it a few weeks for people to stop playing again and it should improve.

  • Can’t stand It ?
  • Cannot fly anymore ?
  • Total Immersion Breaker ?

Maybe the problem is a totally unrealistic expectation for a $60 Computer game ?

Instead of complaining that the glass is half empty, be thankful that it is at least half full, and also be thankful that the glass is continuing to be filled, with FREE updates.

You want significantly more, immediately, then get ready to fork out a few $Million for a commercial simulator, and even then, the graphics in those system is far inferior to that of the $60 MSFS.

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Just my observations from the update cycles. Lots of little odd issues, CTD’s in the week or two post update, then it settles back down. Look at steam charts, you can see the spike in players post update then it falls off.

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Never play on patch day

Check out the forum on update weeks. The first couple of days always fire up the threads on server issues, disconnects, and pop in. It typically gets better as a few days pass. Seems to be fine today.

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