Can't think of where to fly?

Hi Guys,

If you are trying to think of WHERE CAN I FLY TODAY? Then why not take a look at some of my past events, where you can use all the information and plans to get quickly in the air and enjoy a scenic flight.

Just click on the below link and pick from events that have been run since the release of MSFS.

If you are interested, we run the events every Friday at 1000z. We cater to EVERYONE and you are very welcome to join in. Typically, we get around 30 + flyers for the event, so you’ll be in good company.

In any event, enjoy the flights past or future and happy flying.

Regards, Paul

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I’ve also been using WIN10 reboot screen … it ask you if you like the screen shot if you do then it opens up the browser with the location.

Thanks for the post, I’ll bookmark these… Very well documented. some interesting ones.

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