Can't turn windshield reflections off

I sent in a bug report. With all reflection parameters off I still have bad/weird reflections in the windshield. The 172 seems to be the worst for me.

I dont think it is a bug, it looks like it is not finished and need some more love, for it is still looking ugly, it is to brite to be reflection of the rounded window.
My experience is, the higher the reflections and windshield effects the better it gets but it just is not enough yet.

Where did you turn the windshield reflection parameters off?

My IndiaFoxtEcho LongEZ reflects the whole G3X screen on the cockpit canopy. Can barely see the runway through it on landing. UPDATE: set Windshield Effects - Low worked for my case

Still flying around with my reflection parameter’s turned off.

Check out that bug report:

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