Can't use controller in other programs while updating

Hey there,

While I’m waiting for 30GiB’s to download, I’m wanting to play a game in the background. I can’t use my controller if I want to do this because flight sim is using it even though it’s minimised and downloading an update. Everytime I press ‘A’ in a different game, it loads the forums in a new tab on my web browser.

I raised this issue in the past, the topic’s now been deleted, but the issues still there. Surely if I have the program minimised it shouldn’t be looking for controller inputs, but even so, I don’t think anybody needs a command to open up the forums on the installation manager. I just wanna play some Katamari Damacy before I get to flying some planes! D:

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Hi there,
I found this old topic that the system closed a long time ago. I merged this thread into a Wishlist topic that addresses this issue with controllers and updates. The Wishlist topic has been escalated to the developers, so they are aware of the issue. So hopefully it will get fixed soon!

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