Cant write the @ sign in MSFS 2020 Sign in Page?!


Unfortunaly i cant write the @ sign on the MSFS 2020 signin page. In all other programs i can write the @ sign. So isnt possible to login in the msfs 2020. Is this a known bug? And i use windows 11 Home 64 Bit.

regards Legendsy

Do you have to login using an e-mail or just the username? Try copy/paste, ctrl+c/ctrl+v

i use my e-mail for the login. And copy and paste works thanks :slight_smile:

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I had the same issue when I logged in after installing MSFS on a new rig.
Don’t know if it’s a keyboard layout-related issue; mine is Danish, where @ requires AltGr to be held down.

However, I could type my email address in NotePad and copy-paste it into the login window.

It hasn’t always been like that.

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