Capt. Sully would be proud

So this just happened, halfway into my flight from Hong Kong (VHHH) to Kansai (RJBB) all my engines (4) quit. I have no clue how (I have failures disabled), I suspect it has something to do with the way the fuel loading was done for its respective tanks etc. I tried to re adjust the fueling from the menu and restart, but, none lit up. Fortunately I was at FL390 doing Mach .86, had plenty of speed and altitude to work with and to make it even better I was just approaching Taipei (RCTP). Somehow, managed to get it on the ground.
The funniest part in all this was the 748 floated halfway down the runway without any engines :thinking:

Here are some screenshots.



Managed to recreate the engine problem, it had to do with the fueling of the tanks. On a short flight it loaded the stab and reserves first and for some reason those tanks aren’t fueling the engines.