Captain sim 777 xbox flight director does not work

Captain sim 777 on the xbox
I have just bought this the fd director does not work anybody else have the same problem

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The 777 is only the exterior model. It is not a properly modelled plane.


Hi, I play mfs on the xbox was looking on the market place in the home menu sore the cap sim 777 so thought I would buy it when it loaded up the ft director would not work tryed so starting up was not working tryed to start it up in auto mode and it wouldn’t start have you any ideas or people I can reach out to?

The Captain Sim 777 uses the cockpit from the default Asobo 747, if I recall correctly.

Does the 747 work as you expect?

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If you look at the 777-300 scores about 1/3 gave it a perfect score and 1/3 gave it the lowest score but it appears to have an overall positive user rating. On PC there are liveries and free mods to improve the avionics - these don’t exist on Xbox. I am sorry if your purchase was mislead by the horrid rating system - I would very much like to see it changed.


If you look at the 777-300 scores about 1/3 gave it a perfect score and 1/3 gave it the lowest score but it appears to have an overall positive user rating.

To be quite honest, my guess would be the perfect ratings are from people whose criteria are “Looks nice, flies” and the lowest ratings are from people upset it’s just an exterior model being sold with no interior or real functionality.


As said, this is not a “777” aircraft. It is a 3D model of a “777” but the whole “systems” are just from the default MSFS 747. And we all know how basic they are. You are flying the 747 with a different look, thats it.
If it does not work in the default 747, it will not work here.

I think there may be some of both, but it is hard to deny free add ons make this product a very different proposition on PC and I’d still like like to see separate reviews. The description says there are free liveries available!

I am on PC. I fired up the 777-200ER last night just to test it as I haven’t really flown it very much since release (for obvious reasons)… I wasn’t able to start the APU. At all. Hopped into the 747 to see if it works there. Started it with no issues. CaptainSim 777 was promptly uninstalled. I have been deleting garbage aircraft to streamline things a bit (130 aircraft in the selection screen got to be too much, especially considering I don’t fly most of them)

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I’ve very much enjoyed your aircraft reviews and the fact that on more than one occasion you have “taken one for the team” by jumping straight onto a new release and letting us all know how it is from an informed perspective.

(The CptSim 777 was probably above and beyond that call of duty though)

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Thanks for giving the PC perspective! Can I assume you didn’t bother with the improvement mods? I see some content creator uploads/streams with this aircraft that say it’s manageable with the avionics and flight model improvement mods.

I personally think improvement mods to the base sim are one thing but when you need an improvement mod for a paid add-on, that is something else…


think we have to wait for better planes add on on Xbox.
Remember having ifly 737 and pmdg 737 on fs2004 and fsx…they were fantastic.

You need to start it with the center fuel pump turned off.

It was turned off - I had no fuel in the center tank.

Yeah, that’s a correct assumption. I generally don’t use mods. I find that they usually require patches when the sim updates, they sometimes create compatibility issues, etc. I look at it this way - I want to fly the aircraft the way it was intended by the developer. If it’s a basic implementation, I am not gonna stick lipstick on a pig. :wink::crazy_face: The only exception is the WT CJ4 mod because WT has always kind of been… official anyway (even before they became official). The exception to that is also avionics by PMS50 - both their GNS and GTN are necessary for me to not tear my hair out.

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:+1: - I can’t wait for WT CJ4 to come to Xbox and to see what they can do with the 530. Not ever being able to have access to the GTN750 on Xbox makes me sad :sob: but having charts on my smartphone isn’t the end of the world.

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I am of a similar belief. However, I do enjoy the more fleshed out cockpit systems like FBW, Salty, HEAVY and WT mods provide simply for the interaction aspect. Not necessarily because i want full realism since this is still just a game after all, but i simply enjoy pushing buttons (because pushing the buttons of human people is generally frowned upon i think). Speaking to addon planes/scener, i hardly bother since i don’t want that stuff gunking up my hard drive and slowing down my loading times

I bought the CS 773, fully aware of what i was purchasing. I am using the Salty compatibility and the plane works about as well as it can and i still enjoy myself flying such a big plane even though it’s not 100% accurate

I’ve seen pictures of real 777 cockpit and a CS 777. I’m not plane snob and certainly not as big as a plane nerd as others and they look pretty gosh darn similar. Outside of the small things like 4 engines on the EICAS and the FMC thinking it’s a 747 (without salty compat) it’s not that bad of a plane really

I get the these realism mods aren’t available for the Xbox, but it’s on the xbox to merely to widen the audience and generate profit. Half the people that play on Xbox are playing on the game pass and a healthy majority of those people fly over their house, fly over New York city and call it a day. I genuinely don’t see a hardcore flight sim enthusiast base (which i consider someone who spends more than $10,000 in software addons, subscriptions and hardware accessories) forming purely out of the console market. What i see more likely to happen is someone makes a transition from Console to PC so that they can spend $10,000+ in addons, subscriptions and hardware accessories)

I find so much wrong with what you posted, particularly in a thread about how an Xbox user can improve his/her experience with a lackluster add-on that I’ll just suggest we get back on topic.

To the OP: I am sorry you are not happy with your purchase. There really isn’t anything you can do to improve it unless the WT improvements to the 747 are extended to the 777. Waiting for Xbox specific reviews or watching this forum or others are your only defense against low effort add-ons. Hopefully it was only the $20 USD -300.

@MiddcoreGaming as well. I am not from Captainsim, nor do I condone them; their practices regarding customer support and liveries have been, at the very least, abhorrent.
But, to their credit, the cockpit is NOT a 747 cockpit, a misconception I have often heard. The exterior is a 777. The cockpit is a 777. The systems (the stuff inside the glass in the cockpit) is 747. From what I have heard, the flight model etc. is closely modified from a 747.
But I say again, the cockpit is indeed a 777 cockpit.


See, it’s much easier for me… the reason I don’t need Salty and Heavy mods is because I have the PMDG 747 and QW 787 in P3D… whatever those mods provide won’t ever measure up to the P3D counterparts. So until there are good airliners in MSFS, I just fly them in P3D or XP. Not like the scenery is THAT much better at FL400 :wink:

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