Captain sim 777 xbox flight director does not work

PMDG is bringing their products to FS2020, 737 slated for next monthish by accounts of forum announcements.

FBW, Salty etc will still exist because a healthy majority of flight simmers are not invested enough to spend lots of money on something they may only have a couple hours a week to enjoy for example. Not even DCS modules exceed $80 and they follow a similar vision in terms of aircraft fidelity. There will always be someone willing to make a freeware version of a payware airplane simply for the fact they don’t want to have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for it. It will never be as good and more than likely have twice the bugs, but there’s definitely proof quality, high-fidelity freeware aircraft exist prior to FS2020. Are there people willing to spend $140 on a plane? Obviously, i’m replying to one lol.

The scenery may not look as good at FL400, but ■■■■■■■ do sunsets make a world of difference and FS2020 takes the freakin cake

I don’t see ultra hi-fidelity planes being a financial success on console because its marketed toward a specific subset of flight simmers: usually those who’d like to enjoy learning and strictly flying a specific plane. Personally, If i spent $140 on an addon, i expect to get at least 140 hours of entertainment out of it and that does include learning how to use the plane properly.

Flight Simming is as much a hobby as stamp collecting or fly fishing. Its easy to spend thousands of dollars on something just to say you own it. I just don’t think its a hobby that will flourish on console and thus, a hi-fi plane would not sell well. CS777 is probably perfect for console even through it’s imperfections: It’s not too complicated to learn and fly and it’s relatively cheap.

PS: I’m definitely one of those suckers- i mean…hobbyists…that would pay too much money for an addon only to actually use it for a couple weeks before going back to something else. See: Everything i own for DCS

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Sorry, yeah, my mistake. I meant ‘exterior model’ as 3D model, not system modelled.

But exterior model indeed does imply it’s only the fuselage.

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Yes it works well

I am a xbox player and looking for more airlines to fly, I have just seen captain sim has made a cargo version of the 777, is this worth paying for or is it one to avoid?

Avoid like the plague.


Nope, it’s just like the other CaptainScam planes; just a fancy 3D model wrapped around a stock 747.
Not even worth it if it was a free download from


I see that the captain sim 777-300 was updated today 10/28 was wondering if anyone has this on xbox, is the new update mean they included liveries to the model? the marketplace is showing liveries in the pictures below on the profile. I emailed them and they said that they will add liveries to it with the new sim update

Yes, they have added 11 liveries in this update

right on, ok thanks

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The Capt sim 777 no longer works on msfs2020 for XBOX. The APU no longer turns on for either the 200 or 300.

Yes it does works, I did a 7h30min flight today from NTAA to KLAX with the 300ER and I had no issues, APU worked fine before and after the flight.

You should maybe restart the flight if the APU doesn’t turn on.

But I never had this issue or any kind of issue with this aircraft.

i just bought it yesterday, and already asked for a refund.

Happilly microsoft agreed and returned my money.

About the plane: Don’t buy it if you want to simulate, its a default 747-8 and most avionics doesn’t work. Its only beautiful, and thats it.
I would be glad to pay for a better version of the A320, or new planes like the A330 or even A350 if released by Flybywire.

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Yes it does, some nice ones too. Love the Air New Zealand, Qatar and Emirates.

As it is on sale currently I gave it a try on Xbox just few minutes ago… And you know it is not a study level for sure but it is flyable with no issues. Basic avionics work, AP works, it ascents and descents as it should. Yes it is clearly 747 underneath, but nicely remodeled with lots of details. It is just nice sculpture on 747 technical base. But take in question current sale and do not expect accurate gusts and it comes out as fair value for money.
And now finally with real life liveries, which are realy nice.
Pls hold your stones, I am just expresing my early opinion :wink:

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Done some more detailed testing just yesterday and found something needed to be shared… There is no wingflex to this Aircraft on Xbox and on top of that fan blades of the engine are not animated and speed brake lever does not move (it works but with no animation). Fan blades are just static textures of “rotating” blades. Marketplace description says that there is wingflex and hundreds of realistic animations, but in fact these three seems to be broken. I turn myself to captain sim tech support forum and found similar issues reporter by other Xbox users, So I left another conplaint here…

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Got the response from captain sim that they do not know why these are not working on Xbox as they are fine on PC. They said that the SDK is same for Xbox and PC hence they just won’t do anything regarding the fix untill there is clear statement from MS/Asobo where the difference in SDK is in case of Xbox… In another words they states that this is Mas/Asobo turn, IT IS their product I paid for but they are not going to fix it as this is not their fault… so classic :frowning:

I guess Captain Sim has not been following the DC-6 Xbox story. :laughing: