CaptainSim releases Boeing 777 for MSFS! (BUYER BEWARE!)

What’s happening? Why are they in such a hurry? Greed for profit?
What about your own reputation?
Sorry, many questions :grinning:

6,000 ft per minute and gaining speed. Is that normal for a b777?

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I think it’s okay. If the plane is not loaded and uses rocket fuel :rofl:

Guys, who are going to buy it - be careful. Don’t think this model is a $60 - $100 model of their aircraft with full systems. This model for $30 - there is only a cockpit from the Captainsims’s, systems and an autopilot - this is the FS2020 default. Don’t fall into the trap.

• Essential functionality paired with default 747 systems simulation


Too late :disappointed:

Looks like the guys took screenshots from MSFS 2004. Pay attention to the mountains!


Not sure. I have similar issue not so long ago.

Dude, of course I meant to pay attention to the product itself. The plane clearly smells of guano.
Mountains are just an excuse.
Have a nice shopping. Be careful.


Was gonna try it out but then I saw their screenshot…

Look at FMC, it still says model is 747…

Yea I’ll be skipping out on this one.


Ehem…So I bought it. Looks like they literally ported their P3D 3d model along with textures to msfs. NOTHING is made ground up for MSFS. Biggest proof of this is that they didn’t utilize the decal system. Textures look bland from close up. The exterior model looks decent from afar but breaks apart when you get closer. Low poly count through and through. Everything from cockpit to tires are a direct port.

I didn’t get to test the systems as such so I will reserve my opinion on that.

It looks good because it’s the msfs graphics engine doing its work.


I agree. And i don’t try to protect Captain Sim, for me as simmer with more than 20 years of experience it’s personal disappointment.


unfortunately its NOTHING like their previous products. Im surprised you hop that fast on every AddOn.
Atleast you will give us your reviews. :slight_smile:

Its a 777 3D-Modell merged with the 747-Systems. No efforts done to adjust anything from the 747-system to the 777. Even the FMS says “747”. They have not adjustet fuel or anything. Its just an expensive 3D-Modell.

Not even the flightmodel.cfg? What the …

quite funny too since with that picture you can see that they obstructed the lower EICAS because it would show an image of four engines. A little disingenuous!


Idk about that tbh… but the usage of 747-systems is enough to not care further about this product…

Sadly they will still get sales. Just like the Bredok3d 737. There are a ton of people who don’t really visit the forums as such.

Just by looking the picture with the tail exhaust,you know that it is a converted garbage or something similar to Typhoon-F16 etc.
Glad im only spending my money to SimSkunkWorks and DCdesigns


you must be kidding… I know you own basically everything that is on the market… But how much of it did you actually really look into beside a first brief overview?? CS has been around the lowest bar for flight sim when it comes to systems since the 732. It’s a miracle F7 won’t drop their flaps anymore when the hydraulics are off. All they do is claim “studylevel” prices but that’s about it. Very detailed? Only visually.


the uper Eicas not? is that how a 777 looks like? Or maybe are those two bars cut off the 747 EICAS? ^^

Its just a copy of the default 747 upper EICAS with two engines indicators cutted.
The original 777 upper eicas have rounded engine indicators.

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