Caravan 208 Heading Not Correct

I’m currently flying on GPS, the gps map purple line shows my heading to be not 100% south, but probably more like 200 degrees, yet the heading gauge on the main screen and the gps direction shows a heading of 179 to the destination, and the magnetic compass shows a direct south heading.

Am i missing something? Is this correct and something to do with magnetic north/south variation?

Do you have a strong side-wind?


No, a 3 knot wind slightly off my left tail

This is my second attempt at the same route due to the sim crashing at final, and it was the same on each run

There is a realism setting for gyro drift, but since your backup compass also says 180, it’s something different… Hmmm… Could be magnetic variation. Where are you flying?

CYCQ to CYXS in Ontario

Sorry, British Columbia

Magnetic variation there is about +18 degrees, so I guess it makes sense :slight_smile:

Ok, I figured it was something to do with that…anyway to compensate? Adjust for drift? Is that the correct way?

its just because the nav display is showing true north up, instead of the normal track up

The underlying base map is referenced to true north, and the default (and at the moment only) map display option is “North Up”.

The magenta track that shows your flight plan route is referenced to magnetic north, and the offset you see is because of variation. It’s not really a bug, because the real G-1000 would do the same thing in North Up mode.

The real G-1000 offers alternate ways to display the map, like “Track Up”, but that feature is not yet available in the sim.

If you were to fly in an area like Minnesota where the local variation is close to zero, a due north or south flight plan leg would be vertical on the map.

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