Caravan 208b and GTN750 mod question


I just downloaded the GTN750 mod and extracted into the community folder. I opened it and copied the caravan file, and pasted it back into the community folder. Is this the correct procedure? When I start the caravan the 750 is not there, just the basic garmins. Is there a switch somewhere to make the change? Any help appreciated!!

Did you turn on the avionics? The unit is the same, only the screen will show the GTN750 when powered on.

Hello @ThreeNote425397

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Yes. You should have ‘pms50-gtn750-aircraft-grand-caravan’ in your community folder along with ‘pms50-gtn750-base’ and ‘pms50-gtn750-premium’. I also have ‘workingtitle-g1000’ installed into the Community folder and it works well for me.

here is my “community” and all is well

I guess your C208 B mod is interfering. Have you tried it without it?

The 208B mod is v2102.1. What he intefere ?? I will do a test, without …

Sorry, I got you mistaken for the topic opener.

no problem :wink:

This is my community folder I dont have the premium edition do I need anything else its not working for me.