Caravan issues

Here’s a few issues I’ve noticed so far:

Changing BARO also modifies ALT SEL.
Cabin Light tooltip shows Set Nose Light when switched.
BAT AMPS always shows zero.

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Yaw damper INOP

also when you activate / load a procedure the game crashes


Extremely sensitive controls as the whole aircraft’s package.

Agree. New problem. Cannot be activated by clicking on it in virtual cockpit or by using the key commands. Totally broken all of a sudden. Please report to Zendesk.

This is because it’s compensating for your pressure altitude - it’s not modifying your selected altitude, that remains the same, but the autopilot (or you) should maintain your selected altitude based on barometric pressure (up until transition level). If you were to spawn in and set the outside pressure to 30.19 in weather settings, then change your barometer from the 29.92 standard, you’ll notice your indicated altitude will change.


This is because it’s compensating for your pressure altitude - it’s not modifying your selected altitude, that remains the same

Yes, indeed if autopilot is engaged ALT SEL correctly doesn’t change with BARO adjustments. However, it does change with autopilot disengaged, which shouldn’t happen. A selected altitude should not change.

Prop doesn’t feather on shutdown, or show feathered on start up…Props are full fine in both instances…

Unless the modeled a caravan with a TPE-311 in it…

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I think that’s because it’s enforced across all aircraft, and can not be disabled.

I don’t think so. They made a lot of AP changes between the last beta and the release version, most of which were much needed and quite beneficial. But the Caravan YD used to work before release, now it doesn’t. It still works in other planes, though.

Make a turn in the 172, and see if you ever see the ball drift outwards. I’m not talking about a button that can’t be turned on or off. I’m talking about an aspect of the flight model that is ever present, and can it be disabled. It almost impossible to perform an uncoordinated turn, as this assist firmly keeps the ball in the basket all the time, no matter your bank angle.

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I reported this to Zendesk last week too.

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Engine power isn’t even close to real life. An light weight load should allow the caravan to accelerate pretty easily, but in the sim, it takes such a long runway to SLOWLY build up your airspeed before it will fly. Flight modelling is so disappointing for a full release. We need proper payware aircraft.

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Reading the 208B manual it says that the empty weight should be 4680 pounds and the game is using 5150 punds. It also says the maximum weight is 8785 and the sim is using 8807.
Maybe it is related to the engine power issue?
That would be an easy change to test if someone want to help (I’m currently starting studying the sdk)

Not near my PC, but isn’t the MSFS version an EX with a different engine and different weights?
A few years ago I did a high quality FDE for FSX, but the base MSFS FDM and SDK is so far off/incomplete, that I’m presently not even thinking about designing a new FDM for the 208 or any other aircraft.

True… I thought it was exactly the same model. But the ex is different and the numbers are ok. Thanks for the clarification.

Weights are ok, but engine and propeller performance are way off.


Is it just me or:

  • the reverser is extremely weak
  • beta never engages ever


If you’re finding the plane’s performance to be poor in flight or take off, cycle the NUM / Key.

If you see a jump in airspeed, it means you’re non-existent spoilers were up. (Not Spoilerons).

Editing the flight_model.cfg file and setting the key below to zero fixes the issue for good. Bug Filed.
spoiler_handle_available = 0 ; Spoiler handles available true/false


There are reports of the engine torque modelling being the wrong way round for turboprops. In real life they should develop peak torque at ground level, instead they develop peak torque at altitude - which may explain the sluggishness on the ground and at low altitudes.

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