Card upgrade info?

currently have an asus G11CD with an intel i5, gta 970 graphics card
and 16gb of memory, looking to upgrade my card to a 1080,
currently my flight sim isnt the smoothest so my question is,
if i upgrade to a 1080 am i likely to get a more smoother flight?

currently my flight sim graphic settings are set to medium?


What i5 is it?

its an i5-6400

a processor that supports hyper threading (and comes with maybe two cores on top of that) could be helpful. but those are just my 5 cents.

the 1080 could be a decent card, though. i have a 2070 and i’m pretty much fine with maxed out settings on a 9900k.

Im very much with you on this one, I think you will get way more performance out of an i7.
If you enable developer mode and enable FPS, the sim will tell you what you are limited by, worth doing that to see what you are bottlenecked by.

i did my bechnmarks a while ago but my values won’t be representative due to the fact of the location,the plane and overall, the display resolution chosen (WQHD on my end it is).

currently i’m flying exclusively GA aircrafts in rural areas but some time big cities, too.

i’m getting around 50 - 60 fps with my set up and i’m fine with that because besides of virtually flying a plane it looks simply beautiful most of the time.

however, even with the community patch for and with the airliners and on bigger airports, my framerate drops to around 30.

it’s fine but could be way better and is probably something on the todo-list of the developers anyway, namely optimization all along the board.

ps: on my end it’s mostly the graphics card that’s maxed out. i even expect it to stay it that way but i would love to see more cpu-cures used “efficently”.

Have a look in Tom’s Hardware Guide. There is an article there on what the requirements are for MSFS 2020 versus the screen resolutions. There is a discussion of CPUs, GPUs, memory and CPU cores.

sure, synthetic benchmarks and such. the reality looks kinda different i’d say.

but there will be patches…

I think you should be ok with the 1080 upgrade may allow you to push GPU settings a bit higher. The 6400 is a bit dated though but shouldn’t be a major issue with paired with the 1080.

ok thanks for the info people!

You also might consider going up to 32GB of ram. If you look at the ram usage while in the game, it frequently gets very close to that 16GB if not all of it. It at least can’t hurt.