Carenado 182 issues with multiplayer

My brother and I have the same Carenado 182 installed in MSFS 2020. When ever we try and connect in Multiplayer, either he gets kicked out of MSFS, Or I get kicked out or we both crash back to desktop if we both try and fly the 182 at the same time. This only happens when we both try to fly the 182 at the same time. I also just noticed that when I went to the outside view, my brothers plane (Should have been the carenado 182) was not showing up as that aircraft.

I had a beech only so we could connect without crashing, but the plane on the runway was my brother and he was flying the Carenado 182. That’s not showing though. Think that might be part of the problem? Note: we both purchased the 182 from the Marketplace in 2020. Any ideas as to why we keep crashing? Thank You Walt