Carenado Aircrafts - Your TOP 3

Funny that i own a lot of aircraft, but never got a carenado airplane.

I heard good and bad things about them, usually that they do not patch their airplanes that what kept me away from them.

I leaning towards one of those: PA34T Seneca V / PA44 Seminole and the M20R Ovation

Looking for advices, which should i go first and im open to other indications from them.

Want something different from the Milviz 310 that ive been flying a lot.


OBS: so many nice people replying and so many options i decided to change the topic, so feel free to list your TOP 3 Carenado.

I have the 182T, I like it, the reviews (on Carenado) pretty much tell the same story across all their offerings. Look amazing, function pretty pretty good.

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interesting, thanks for the reply.

Im worried that the Seneca seems similar to the Milviz 310
was looking to try something different, the 182T use the Garmin 1000?

Yes it does, I haven’t flown any of their other offerings so can’t comment but it was a fun complex turbo single. Loud as all get up! lol.

I know allot of people enjoy the Mooney, it has a GNS530/430 but also has

  • GTN750 integration option (GTN750 from
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Seems like a very nice airplane and i could use something different from the GN750 that most of those aircraft use. Appreciate buddy!

Just want something that really feels new, im even open to get more than 1.

Being flyting Fenix A320 / Milviz 310 and the Sting S4

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I have about all of them and for a first pick I would recommend the Mooney. They’re so fast and a bit quirky (even got spoilers on the wings that you’ll be needing to kill the floating during landing). They’re great for sightseeing I find, as you fly off quick enough over the boring parts during transit.

But I honestly enjoy 'm all.

Carenado used to be a bit of a bore; visually looking stunning but all flight models lacking some fantasy. That’s however not the case anymore, the really upped their game and their products hardly seem to need patches.


Appreciate! Do you think the Seneca is too similar to the Milviz 310 ( in case you have it) ?

The mooney seems a very interesting choice, being eyeing it for a long time.

If I may broaden the suggestion.

I’m verrrry very impressed by the FlightSimWare 414 Chancellor. It’s still beta’ish, but allready verrrrrry advanced and handsome. Really one of those bigger GA-aircraft that you really feel having power and mass. It’s my go-to-GA for now.


How about one of the really good ones? Like, SWS Kodiak, MilViz PC6, JustFlight Piper series?

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Ohhh i have the Kodiak 100 and the Piper ( one of the best airplanes around) awesome plane! Its just that i read so much about carenado airplanes that i would like to give a try.

Aah, okey :slight_smile:

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The Senaca is really beautiful, very well modelled and complete. It has one major disadvantage to me and that’s why I so far only flew it once. It’s not a Carenado/design thing, but real world modelling and the engine is SO BIG, it blocks your side view almost completely. There’s not a lot of sightseeing that way, flying it from inside. That’s just how the aircraft is, but ever since this particular purchase it’s a thing I became aware of buying new twin engines. Haha. What’s the line of sight?


Appreciate buddy! Kodiak 100 and the Piper are a must for any hangar.

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Dude thats exaclty what i thought when taking a good look at it. Those engines are HUGE!!!

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This one is on my list, definitelly going for it sooner or later.

Im on that moment when i have pretty much all the good aircraft, but my fingers are urging to click to buy a new airplane and thats why i was like: ■■■■ i never got a carenado airplane and they all seem so well designed.

Curious: which one of the pipers you like more?? Arrow 2 / 3 or 4 ???

Also that Milviz PC6 seems like a really unique airplane. Interesting.

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Word to the wise though, and I only fixed this very recently. With Carenado, setting up a default view spot (adjust height or angle) would turn into CTD. It’s however adjustable by adding these simple lines in the camera.cfg.

The BN2-Islander has the issue too by the way, but can be fixed the same way.

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Leaning towards the MR20 Ovation , keep em coming guys! Love to hear the community opinions.


The only Carenado I would avoid is the Seminole. The Seneca is the one to go for if you want a Piper twin.

Having said that, the best Carenado released so far - IMHO - is the C337 Skymaster. Really nice.

Edit: avoid the C170 too… it is pretty awful.


The Mooney is one of @Crunchmeister71 favourite planes.

He can tell you all about it.