Carenado C170 broken GPS after SU6

When you click something on GPS there’s no way back, you’re stuck on that page without any way to go back.
Same thing happening to me and my friend.
Can more people confirm this?

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Can confirm

It looks like any plane using that GPS has the same issue including the Icon A5.

Actually removing the Working Title G3X Touch Mod seems to have fixed the issue for me at least on the Icon A5.

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That was the second thing i did and it didn’t fix it on C170. Haven’t used icon.

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That did not work for me on the C170.

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I can confirm, I just bought it and the GPS was a big plus to buying it, hope they can fix it.

I sent them a bug report. Also linked this thread. They say everything is fine on their side :man_facepalming:

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Maybe you had the outdated G3X mod? They released an update after SU6. I tried with and without the updated G3X mod. It makes no difference. The Icon always works fine and the C170 always works wrong.

I can confirm also. I have only community liveries, no other mods.

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They confirmed it now. They say that their sim was not properly updated before :man_facepalming:

I’ve heard stories about Carenado support, but to see this with your own eyes …

Hopefully they can redeem themselves and fix it faster than 2 months.


■■■■!!! I bought the plane yesterday and this has been making me CRAZY!! I’m thrilled I finally found this thread! Lol :joy: My gps is very dim and finally saw the options which is only brightness adjust. Cranked it up and no way to get off that screen. Additionally, I don’t get the four buttons on the right side of the map screen. So I guess the whole GPS is pretty much f’d at the moment. I also sent in a ticket and hope they get this sorted quickly. Back to the perfect JF Turbo Arrow!!


Same here. The IRIS Jabiru GPS is broken as well. :expressionless:

I am having the same issue. I actually have a video of it I sent into Carenado support but they just said we will update it in the future.

I to messaged Carenado support but they didn’t want to help and just said it will be fixed in the future after a 2 hour ticket submission they tell me the most generic answer ever. We might be beat out of luck if they can’t fix it there’s nothing we can do unless MSFS reupdates the game which won’t happen.

@Renvah Who confirmed what and what source? Carenado told me theres no solution yet or given amount of time until the next update. Who confirmed the GPS was a known issue?

I think we clearly see it’s not carenados fault because same happens with default and other third party planes which have the same GPS.

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Also in IndiaFoxtEcho’s Long-EZ the GPS is broken. They said that an update is on the way, and for the marketplace users getting the update could take couple of weeks. Probably the same for Carenado.

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I hope it’s not a couple weeks but your proably right. It seems like such a easy fix I cant stomach 3 weeks for a GPS

The Long-EZ is already updated today to fix the aera GPS (but probably takes a while for it to hit the marketplace)