Carenado C337 First Impressions

It’s been a long wait for the Carenado C337 but it was always going to be a day 1 buy for me. I loved flying the model back in FSX, and was keen to capture some of that nostalgia, despite the developer not holding the highest standing amongst their peers in MSFS.

For what its worth, the purchase definitely lived up to my expectations. The visual model is faultless, the soundset is deep and throaty, the handling is balanced and mild mannered, and all in all, I find it a very easy to operate hands on light twin to fly. The fact it now comes with a tablet interface and is compatible with the PMS GTN750 right out the box breathes a whole new lease of life into this iteration too.

For those new the aircraft type, the autopilot control panel is located on the lower pedestal and it’s operation is fairly rudimentary. Use the pitch wheel on it to control your rate of descent/ascent. When you wish to level off, select the ALT button on the main autopilot panel. Coupled enroute navigation is of course available via either VOR/GPS too.

Engine feathering has been modeled, with the prop lever needing to be lifted up out of a detent at the aft of its range to take the blade angle all the way through.

My test flight today was Tofino on Vancouver Island over to Friday Harbor. Enjoy the screengrabs-

My only gripe so far is the ground handling is a little too sensitive from my RW experience in similar Cessnas. With a bit of power on, applying rudder and dabbing the toe brake resulted in the opposite wheel lifting off the ground and the wingtip striking the ground. Take it easier than you normally would during taxing and you won’t have any problems.


Thanks for taking the time to review it. I will pick this up tonight, when Im done with work. Looks great as usual from Carendo. The 337 has always been a favorite of mine. I hear the rear engine tends to overheat a lot in the real plane on the ground due to not getting a lot of air. I wonder if any of that is modeled?


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Beautyful! Carenado always manages to catch such a superb realistic look of the cockpit.

No it´s not 100% flawless - the EDM gauge again has this small texture glitch the letter E is half-way buried into the frame of the gauge but I will take care of this like I did with the Mooney M20 EDM gauge and upload the texture fix as soon as I have this airplane.

But an otherwise absolute beautyful and hyperrealistic looking airplane, wonderful!
Finally Stephen Kings The Night Flier has arrived in the hangar.
And yes I am interested too about the temperature of the rear engine, and I would also like to know how it flies with one engine off, and how the cockpit gauge illumination looks like at night… :slight_smile:
Please upload some screenshots from the cockpit at night (almost no YouTuber flies at nighttime or shows the cockpit at dusk or dawn, that´s why it´s always interesting to see how the illumination looks like on screenshots.)


Your wish is my command! There are separate dimmers located behind the left-hand yoke for both panel flood lighting and then the instrument/switch back lighting. I’ve taken two shots that show both dials on their most dimmest setting, followed by their most brightest:


This is one of my very favorite GA aircrafts, had to grab it right when it was released! Tried it for an hour and a half and it seems to work very well (handling on the ground and in the air, basic instruments, NAV COM ADF and Garmin GPS). It looks pretty good and the sounds are cool too. Overall a nice aircraft, not the same quality as the Kodiak for instance that has more advanced visual modelling and system modelling too, but still a very nice one to me!

The only minor issues I found are :

  • animation of the toe brakes (pressing left toe brake presses the top both copilot pedals, pressing right toe brake presses the top both pilot pedals), it is purely visual though, the left and right brake work as intended for slowing down the aircraft
  • left and right throttle/prop rpm/mixture levers are reversed compared to other aircrafts (for instance my left levers move the left levers in the Baron, they move the right levers in the Skymaster), again this is minor and I could swap my bindings as a workaround

edit :

  • forgot to mention the yoke animation (especially forward/back) looks a bit odd to me, I feel like it should have more amplitude, but I guess someone who tried the real airplane should confirm that, I could be wrong

Another point worth noting is the slightly greened cockpit glass. It won’t be for everyone but I really like this effect personally. It takes the harshness of the white sim clouds and gives a view more akin to what you’d see when wearing sunglasses when flying. It’s the subtlety’s like this that make a good addon a great addon!


a few screenshots over Palm Springs, didn’t see too many issues, except for the overhead placard texture that really looks sad… but definitely need a fresh one, not sure you could read anything in VR!


I just picked it up. I am having a lot of fun with this one! The push/pull configuration of the propellers is very unique!


To those enjoying this bird for their first time, remember that those rear landing gear doors create a very large drag when they are opening and fully open, so do not rush to raise the gear too soon after takeoff. The air speed hit can, if you are not careful, produce a stall. I have not flown the aircraft in the sim just yet, but I am assuming that this characteristic is well modelled, since it is an important part of the aircraft flight profile. It was really a great, unique bird to fly IRL and in previous sims. Here’s hoping that the same is the case in MSFS.


There is no Drag on the Gear Doors on the C337 (tested it). I really doubt, that the Flight Model in MS FS would make that possible at this point. They don´t seem to even have drag on Ailerons, therefor no yaw moment in turns, yet.

But the C337H seems to be of the usual carenado quality, so not the best, bot not bad either. I like it.

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They could find a way to emulate it by adding an invisible spoiler that would open while the gear doors are open for instance.
I heard it’s been done on other models (Milviz on their PC6 to simulate prop drag in beta I think) to make them feel more realistic despite current MSFS limitations… not sure Carenado would get into that, but maybe a modder would find a way!

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You are right, this could be a way to make it possible.

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Here is my video on the C337H. It is in german language, but there a lot of visual and accustic impressions. The parially low FPS is caused by scenery (payware and new york scenery) and not by the C337H.

Kind Regards


another photo session for you guys near Camarillo

love how that landing gear and doors move!

minimum vs maximum brightness for cockpit lights :


Just got this tonight too after waiting a long time. I was going to mention the throttle/Prop/Mixture controls seem to be reversed (not sure how the real airplane is) but I see someone else mentioned this already. I expected throttle/prop/mixture #1 to control the forward engine and throttle/prop/mixture #2 the rear engine. Any 337 pilots who can verify this before I go creating a separate profile for the plane and waiting for the first Carenado update?
Also, how do you bring up the EFB? I was looking on the yoke as it is on the Seneca & Seminole but that did not seem to make it appear. Probebly in “plane” sight but it is alluding me.
Other than these things, seems like a great airplane of Carenado quality. Glad its out.

It’s tucked below eyeline in a side pocket next to the righthand pilots seat against the cabin wall. Click it once to bring it up, and it seems a double click around the edge of the screen will hide it. Page 2 of the tablet allows you to swap out the GNS530 for a GTN750 if you have the mod installed.

My problem with it is the cockpit view, especially in VR is way to far back and too low. With every other aircraft I could adjust that with the Cameras.cfg but for some reason changing values in the Cameras.cfg has no affect what so ever. Get that fixed and I’ll be happy.

I’m not a biggest fan of Carenado work, so far I was mostly disappointed with their “superb visuals”, but they are really upping their game with this one. One of the best looking 3rd party aircraft (cannot find any lowres texture or bad modeling and I checked quite a lot of places). Sound is also good and balanced. Cannot comment on flight model, it seems pretty standard. Mixture, propeller etc works like I would expect. For the price I think it is very much worth it.

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Thanks for all the pics! I picked this up too and loving it so far.

One question - in the OneStore installation folder, it seems the MSFS needs to create a CVT folder, which I think I remember being tied to some legacy FSX compatibility. Does anyone else see this too? Maybe the portover isn’t complete?

Inside that CVT is one NNZ file.



EDIT - I opened a Zendesk ticket with Carenado

Are you changing the InitialXYZ under Pilot or PilotVR in the cameras.cfg? Also why not setup a custom cockpit view using Left Ctrl + Left Alt + 1-9, that way you don’t have to edit the cameras.cfg file.

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