Carenado Cessna 182T Skylane

I’m thinking of pulling the trigger but if its avionics are the same as the default 172 I probably won’t. I need metric, imperial measurements break my brain (even though in AU we use feet for altitude, weird huh).

In the llvestream video linked in the thread about quality of the Orbx London POIs, the guy was flying the Caranado 182. It looked OK but yeah, all glass inside.

Here’s the video:

Thanks muchly @OrigBullethead, I’ll have a look. I don’t mind glass these days though there is something to be said for the old school charm of analogue instruments.

Hmm. I wonder if RealityXP stuff will work in some of these planes soon? I’ll have to see what they are saying.

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My take is that it seems that none of these addon items are really at the level we are expecting. I wanted the 182 until I saw it was all glass and looked a lot like a quick port. Same with the Orbx items apparently. Oh well, I actually am going to have some airport packs coming out in the near future that I am working on and I am looking forward to some of the better addons when they’re ready.


Well, sounds like you should write an SDK tutorial. I’m sure many folks would be thankful ;). Or at least maybe post up what it can and can’t do in regards airports, to make expectations more realisitc. But over in the appropriate topic, of course.

To be fair to Orbx, they are releasing stuff for using in flying. I think it is unfair to expect walk around quality when walking around a non-airport structure. It simply costs more memory and less performance in the sim for nothing (as far as flying and mot flyers goes)

I expect a quick port for a third party product on release day because as most of us know, the SDK isn’t quite ready yet. A lot of the third party devs are smart but they aren’t gods! That said, maybe I can be pleasantly surprised.

It would be nice to have a trial option for planes in the store.


The cockpit sound is horrendous.


Have you seen some of the AI placed autogen buildings? Way better than that Orbx London product. The front and sides of the AI autogen building are really good.


Does it actually support this sim’s new features like the custom tail number and the animated pilots? Probably not, looks like a zero effort port

I don’t have any comment on what is on the store already, but know that there are many talented developers working on add-ons to come in the near future. Some are even ready for release, but Microsoft may be a little busy with the Partner applications right now ( in the live stream they mentioned 700+), so there is not so much on the store yet.

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That may be, and I am pretty sure I never said they shouldn’t improve it.

There is no right or wrong here, what is expected is completely subjective and in the eye of the beholder. It is certainly worth letting Orbx know that the community expects better now, if that is the case, but I don’t really understand why some are so emotive over it. But that is the internet I guess, most comments it seems LOVE something or HATE something. It is often extreams.


Actually i was surprised from a Orbx product. Figure they would want to use the full power of the new platform. Unfortunately it looks like a port really. I am certain going forward they will up there game


I see the Carenado C182T in the MS2020 Marketplace with a price but NO details.

Are there any reviews or has anyone purchased it and would like to share their feeling?


No details, no POH.

They can keep it. I aint gonna buy it.

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Having several Caranado aircraft for P3D v4/5 No way I’m spending money for that level of product in MSFS. Everyone in the FS community know that while Caranado is good on eye candy, not so good on flight quality and realism. Since the GA offerings in MSFS 2020 are of the same or better quality I would save your money.


Yeah, I can see that. I also want vendors to lift their game to match the new sim.
The only thing that worries me is that often quality is “low” for a reason. Such as not killing your FPS, fit inside their memory budget and having to spend so much more time in art or systems modelling that people won’t want to buy your product because it will be too expensive.

A lower bar means a cheaper product and that suits many people just fine. We do not want every vendor to only deal with super expensive products!

Careful with Carenado. Personally not had much luck with “quality” products from them in x-plane…


What things are also in the marketplace ? Still downloading…

The camara is wrong on this plane