Carenado CT182T Oil Warning Issue / No Check List

Hi There, After purchasing the Carenado CT182T via the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 marketplace, of current flight model version 1.0.3, I notice two major flaws with it and would just like to give simmers a heads up.

Firstly there is no checklist implemented for the new sim which is a shame as MS have implemented them for all the standard models within the sim, Carenado should of been forced to make this available also, so starting the aircraft for a new user would be nigh on impossible.

However, the second problem is that as soon as the avionics are turned on there is an audible warning and a flashing “Oil Warning” light, it does not matter what I do or how I start from cold and dark, the ‘Oil Warning’ does not go off, so whether there is an issue with the model or I am doing something wrong with my starting routine, then my first point would solve it by having a check list, but I am following the standard Cessna 182 starting procedures and the Carenado model just refuses to start in MSFS 2020 and the ‘Oil Warning’ issue remains.

Just a heads up for everyone in case you purchase this aircraft in the market place, I had to purchase it as it was my favorite model in FSX and P3D and I love flying it. well! did :slight_smile:

It’s a shame!! MS implemented the Checklists in a very nice way

Don’t it go off when you start the engine?

Yeah, I was expecting a fully functional G1000, that is why I bought the 182.

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Not sure if it’s good news from Carenado or just a standard respone to my support ticket, but here is their reply to the problems I have encountered.

Carenado Support, Aug 21, 2020, 6:33 PM GMT-4:
Thank you for your feedback, we are going to check it and fix it for the next version of this aircraft to be released soon.

There is a problem with the start up routine which is needed for this aircraft, it worked fine in FSX and P3D and I never had a problem, but as you all know with certain buttons, switches etc in these models there is no way in hell that I am able to stop an oil warning light, it is deffo a model related issue.