Carenado CT182T Skylane ... no flood light switch?

is it just me being dumb or is there no flood light on/off switch in that plane … i found a rotary knob to adjust brightness, but no way to switch them on.

I can’t tell you for sure - I have the plane but haven’t flown it for a little while as I’ve been a bit busy - but I would recommend trying the “Lights” tog. I was flying the Beech 99 and was messing around with the light switches for ages and thinking it looked pretty awful - then I remembered that general lights assignment and bingo! The floodlights lit up the cabin beautifully (thought it may switch on some other lights you don’t want, you can always switch those off). At least then you can check if there are any at all :slight_smile:

already tried that … but thanks for the hint :+1:

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