Carenado CT182T Skylane Open Window During Flight Crash

I was landing at Chicago Midaway at about 2000 feet altitude and at about 60 knots airspeed and I decided to open the pilots window. I immediately received a message that I overstressed the aircraft and crashed, ending my flight.

Yeah, anoying isn’t it. The POH says they can be open at up to 179 KIAS. 60 is somewhat below that…


Please report this bug to Carenado.

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How do I do that? I went to the Marketplace and could not find any contact info for the developer.

I have added their support information to this page:

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Thank you. I found their website on Zendesk and reported the issue to them.

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This is answered before: opening a window in flight gives the signal to MSFS that the aircraft is overstressed and falls apart

@GaseousBeatle92, thanks. Either Microsoft needs to address that, or the developer needs to make it impossible to open a window. I vote for Microsoft addressing the issue. You should be allowed to open a window during flight without the aircraft falling apart.

Don’t try it in the Seminole either. Mentioning it from a friend :slight_smile:

Copy that.

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