Carenado GNS 430 - Any Updates Instore?

GNS 430 DN work in Arrow or Seneca. Are any updates on the horizon?

There are still bugs in the Mooney that I reported the week it was released that they still haven’t fixed :expressionless: Unfortunately Carenado aren’t known for their willingness to patch their mods after release :frowning:

I’m sure something as serious as the GPS not working will get patched but I wouldn’t hold my breath

They probably will fix these issues. But I don‘t expect them to release a hot fix quickly. This stuff usually takes them months to fix.

They’ve already posted that they’re working on updates for all of their planes to correct issues caused by SU5 and will make them available as soon as possible.

Carenado is pretty quick to patch things - the Marketplace is what takes majority of the wait for these. All their stuff will be fixed shortly, I am sure.

Can you imagine dealing with MS/Asobo now about Marketplace patches - I’d be surprised if they even answer the phone…

No, I can’t. And I don’t want to. I would not want to be a developer of any sort right now. That’s for sure. Major respect to those devs who are quick to respond to a constantly changing core sim.


People, I´m experiencing some problems with my Carenado Mooney after SU5:

  • Can´t dial the frequency on the second/NAV 2 GNS unit;
  • Can´t select fuel tanks.

Anyone else experiencing it? I can´t leave the ground because of the fuel tank selection bug.

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There are many bugs in Carenado’s planes that have existed since they were initially released and they have still not been patched… They replied to the bug reports saying they had prioritised them but I guess over a year to patch these things (one of them literally a 2 character code change!) is acceptable to them

Carenado announced on the day of SU5 that all of their planes except the Cessna 170 and the Waco would need patches to fix stuff after the update.

Given the amount of lead time that seems to be required for an addon update to hit the Marketplace, even if Carenado had finished the work already we probably wouldn’t see the patches hit for a week or two.

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Carenado does not have the best track record in fixing bugs. Their Malibu for P3D was bug ridden and some of the easier fixable flaws in the AP logic (they have it right in other planes) never made it to the sim, at least as long as I had them.
I bought the WACO in the beginning for the lack of choice, but nothing else. And as much as I’d like to be positively surprised, I am not holding my breath

They released a patch for the Cessna 170 earlier this week which fixed all of the issues that I had and which I remember being brought up in the thread here.

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Look, are Carenado aircraft ever gonna be perfect? No. Will they be good? Yeah. There may be some bugs left, but they aren’t gonna prevent me from enjoying the aircraft. They aren’t PMDG, never tried to be. But they make BELIEVABLE simulations. Glaring crazy stuff gets fixed quick - at least in MSFS (my P3D experience with them is a little less stellar). They really stepped up their game with MSFS.