Carenado ipad

I just bought the carenado C170B flies well enough but does any one know how to turn the ipad off it gets in the way I’ve clicked all the way round it but can’t seem to turn it off

Click on the off button on the tablet itself its at the bottom in the middle

If you’re using XBox this is a known bug which has been discussed in other forum topics. I suggest you do a forum search.

Yes I’m using xbox but come to use the plane today and no pad there at all and as I’ve read it dosnt work properly any way no pad now is OK for me

I’m on Xbox and had the same problem but found it goes away once you have the airplane started and ready for taxi. It only happens once but I could click it away straight away when starting up again. It’s like it’s a mandatory thing to have stick around for a bit. Probably doesn’t hurt to at least give it a look over on the first start up I guess but after that I haven’t had it not disappear since.