Carenado M20R and Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo Mappings


I just read somewhere, that SPAD.Next has a “LVARS Bridge” feature for MSFS included since the latest Beta.

Using the integrated Data-Monitor Tools I found almost everything I wanted to map to those Switches on the Alpha and Bravo as an appropriate Event or LVAR Value I can use. That way I got rid of that annoying 10degree Heading Bug, as I could keep all the “always on” switches unmapped in MSFS profile itself.

The only function I found no working LVAR/Event to map for is that Fuel-Pump switch … anyone being successful with that?

Hi Enkanath.

Good to find that. I can help you and I hope you can help me as well with my Mooney.
You can switch the Fuel Boost Pump on with script:

and OFF with 0 instead the 1

If you want to toggle the pump with 1 Button:

(L:M20R_SWITCH_BOOST_PUMP, Number) 0 == if{ 1 (>L:M20R_SWITCH_BOOST_PUMP, Number) } els{0 (>L:M20R_SWITCH_BOOST_PUMP, Number) }

Now my problem: I can bind nearly everything I want, the Garmin GNS530 for example no prob, with one exception: The KAS297 Autopilot/Altitude panel. I want to bind a dual encoder to the VS/Alt setting knobs but I cant find/read out the commands for turning these knobs. I can see the results on the event monitor, but I don´t see the corresponding inputs to get there.I can only bind the VS inc and dec, as they are taken from the regular autopilot menu. I can´t use that LVar bridge. Maybe you can look for that settings or already have those in use? I would even need the variables for the 3 push buttons of the KAS297.


Havent tried to bind that yet, but i will have a look on the data monitor and see if i can find some useful information on that - ill keep you updated if i find something.


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Hi Dirk.
Thanks. I got it now, I played around with some names and variables and I could find now all KAS297 buttons and knobs and it works great!

would you mind posting them here? :wink:

pls give the infos.

i need exact this keys
many thx

I was asked to put my scripts to
Today it´s to late to try that, as I never did an upload there…I hope I can put a link here tomorrow. I had to edit the toggle sript for the fuel pump as one letter was wrong. It should work now, I tested it a few minutes ago…

pls send here or discord to me pls

Have you been able to map the knop at the airspeed indicator? If so, I would love to know how you did.

This is great news. But how do you attach a script to an event?

Selecting a switch, pressing “Add event-switch on” and then Add Action-Advanced, the Execute Script option is disabled for me.

pls send your Bind or template for the m20r
Many thx

The upload works:

great many thx
but how can i the Vor Bug Insert? its not working.
and pls if you send the Script for the g530 cdi Button or more?

Many thx for your great work and share

I tested every single script before export. Open your AAO RPN scripts editor with the Mooney running an copy paste

push test and you should see on your HSI the needle move 1 degree right (course select).

copy paste

and you should see turning back.

I don´t know why it could´t work on your PC…

Switching NAV GPS with CDI I don´t know in the moment. GNS530 should be nearly complete in the html variables…

might be a little confusing for some, that I opened this thread talking about me using SPAD.Next to do the mappings and you being using AAO instead.

But the Variable Names in the Scripts are helpful for using other tools too, so thanks for your effort, much appreciated :slight_smile:


You just have to look and search with filters in your AAO.
Switching GPS NAV VLOC (CDI) is an ordinary GPS Avionic button TOGGLE_GPS_DRIVES_NAV1. Just follow the cheese…

I tested all available demos AAO, Linda, FSUIPC,…and decided to buy and use AAO as this was the only app that satisfied all my needs.
I had a look into spad, I cant switch it to Beta and use LVar bridge. I tried to execute sripts in the advanced action setting, but this is greyed out. So I can´t say if you just have to put my single scripts to your events page in spad and put it where my options in demo were greyed out. Compared to AAO binding my axis and buttons was nice and easy. Otherwise when FS2020 would work as it should (10 degree bug, missing bindings) nobody would need anything more. DCS is far better regarding keybindings an VR…
Sometimes it´s ridiculous: Binding a throttle axis in FS2020 I can use only 50% of the axis travel and that can´t be calibrated or curved out. Using AAO without any additional setting the same axis uses 100% travel of that potentiometer.

Sorry thats not working on my m20 with the 530 gps

Pls send me your Script who working this var on the m20

Many thx

i have now all commands
Many thx


i need the light panel for the cabin instrument simvar
everywhere know that for the streamdeck or behringer

many thx