Carenado M20R Not Logging Landings from Cold and Dark

As it says on the tin. Starting from a parking spot at an airport without a tower (no data for towered airports), the M20R doesn’t add takeoffs or landings to the Logbook. Looking at the Objectives menu, it hangs at the “Accelerate to a maximum 15 knots” message during taxi, and remains that way for the duration of the flight. Workaround appears to be to let AI Control take the aircraft to the runway, but I prefer that not to happen. Anyone else having this issue or have a fix?

Did you park (after landing) in the assigned box?

Some users report that this is the problem (when not parking at the correct spot).

Didn’t read about problems with cold and dark.

Most of small islands airfields (Bahamas, West Indies, etc.) have no ATC to take off or land, no option to ask taxiing for parking and no indicated place to park your bird. Your flight never appear in the log book.
Why so many airports/airfields if a significant part is just here for the sightseeing?