Carenado Mooney 1.9.3 autopilot dance

After patch the HDG mode on AP doesnt work as it would. it makes tha plane “dance” from left to right and vice-versa. SOMEONE noted this?

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tryied to reinstall, no sucess

Trying tp reinstall sim

Since the snaking behavior has been aparently fixed with e.g. the A320, it’ IMO clear that the AP logic for all add-ons has to be changed as well.
Don’t think that re-installing MSFS makes sense.

me too. buti will not use this anyway… besides the most evident “dance” is with carenado mooney, all the small ga seems to be more “loose” than before AP.
do you have the mooney and tryied hdg ap?

Nope. Haven’t bought any add-ons.

I just tested NAV and HDG in the Mooney and both worked fine for me.

It was good to see NAV finally track properly.

I run a vanilla system, I don’t do any “tweaks”.

No tweaks here too. Nav is the same s from last update. Hdg broken

It occurred to me that I may not know exactly what you’re describing. People often get different ideas when describing aircraft “dancing” in text.

Hmm. Did you try setting the weather theme to calm. IE: Disabled all winds and turbulence?

My quick test flight was in Japan. I’m about to do a very long one in Australia so I’ll see how mine goes then. I often get such behaviour in thermals and when going over mountains if it is windy.

  • If what you are referring too could be described more like “bouncing around” then it expect turbulence. The lighter the aircraft the worse it is. My little two seater used to bounce me all over the place in summer thermals.
  • If what you are referring to is much more regular, more like an oscillation, then that is probably an issue. This is what I was thinking you meant.

OK, scratch that. The dancing you’re talking about isn’t what I was thinking, it is a fair bit more subtle that I thought you were describing. And yes, I think it has to be a bug. The NAV AP still sucks too so I’ll probably have to start flying in ROL mode. Sigh.

I’ll get some video and add it to Zendesk and maybe post a link here.

yep its more regular and precise than turbulance. beside of that seems to have imporvements in turbulances and winds. i opened zendesk in carenado and ms too

Just did a test flight with the Mooney and I can confirm the issue. As soon as you disengage HDG mode or the AP, the oscillating behavior is gone. It can’t be weather related either as I flew with no wind at all.

Lets try carenado zendesk. Probably something that they side can fix

C182T having the same issue

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Sweet, I’m doing some video so I can show the differences between modes.

The big question though, does it do it for the default aircraft?

No. Normal with defaults. I tested bonanza withou and with mod, c172, da62 and baron.

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With MSFS being such a moving target, regular patches will be necessary for third party software for quite a while.

Unfortunately, Carenado has a worrying track record in that regard. I remember them as a studio that abandons their products as soon as they are released, immediately moving on to the the next project.

I hope they do better this time around.

Does anyone know why when I engage the autopilot the plane rolls and pitches down before stabilising? I only purchased it yesterday so am unsure if the issue has been around a while?

It depends on when you enable the autopilot.
I usually fly HDG and ALT modes. So I set my AP heading, target alt and vertical speeds into the AP then when I manually have the aircraft flying on that heading at at that vertical speed I enable the AP. That makes it pretty smooth. It is also the recommended procedure in the POH.

Don’t know when you’ve bought the last time from them, but since many years that’s definitely not true.

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