Carenado ovation icing

The “defrost pull on” bellow the throttle control, does it really work? Icing is always a problem and this feature doesn’t seam to make a difference.

I don’t think windscreen condensation is modeled, only icing is modeled. Either way, defrost has nothing to do with icing. The POH or a simple search will give you details.

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Not exactly, in a real airplane, the defrost will help with light windshield ice… especially on the ground. The Ovation in the sim has no known ice protection though, which means you must avoid ice at all costs. This means staying outside of visible moisture (clouds), or not flying. The area I live in has icing all winter long, so I took the Mooney to Florida for a Caribbean tour! No ice to be found.

According to the official manual the aircraft is not rated for icing conditions but it has a prop de-ice function for situations where one encounters unexpected icing. See blue light on warning panel. I noticed that when binding the ‘ant-ice toggle’ to a key or button this light will illuminate and seems working. Also for windscreen de-icing there is an option in controls settings to bind a windshield de-ice toggle. Also works.

An interesting addition is that the manual says that the little storm-window on the pilot side can be opened at speeds below 130 kts in order to obtain a visual view of the runway when performing a forced landing due to icing. I suppose the pilot needs to stick his head outside. However I noticed that the sim models this not correct. The aircraft will overstress if the window is openend at speeds well below 130 kts.

scusami, ho scaricato il Carenado e dopo il primo aggiornamento non riesco avederlo negli aerei nonostante sia POSSEDUTO! sai cosa fare ? Ho provato a disistallare ma non si disinstalla

yes, it’s a pity that opening the storm window at any speed while in flight overstresses the plane. The idea is to put the plane into a forward slip on approach and then just open the storm window to look out at the runway during the slip. It’s also useful in case the door opens accidentally during flight. Again, a forward slip to push the door in and opening the storm window helps relieve the pressure so you can pull the door shut. Happy landings!