Carenado P28R Backflip with Flaps down

Since Simupdate III, the Carenado Piper 28R does a backflip on flaps down. I bought the plane in the Marketplace. So I thought I delete the plane once and reinstall it, maybe that would help. Now the aircraft is shown as installed, but is no longer shown in the aircraft selection. And it can no longer be installed. This is all really, really annoying…

Exit MSFS and delete the whole aircraft from the “Official” folder, then reinstall it from the content manager

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Thanks for the help, the reinstallation worked. But the actual problem of the strong rearing of the aircraft when you put the flaps down (1st position - start position) has unfortunately remained. Absolutely unusual. The aircraft does a real backwards somersault during take-off. Without flaps down the take-off is quite normal - it just takes longer, but it works. I also checked the trim - everything is OK. No idea what the reason is…

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Maybe some changes with today’s update. I expect Carenado to bring an update shortly. They seem to be aware of the problem