Carenado PA44 Heading Indicator

Carenado PA44 Heading Indicator is difficult to adjust in increments of 1 degree, meaning, when adjusting the heading, it always wants to “jump” in increments of 10 degrees.

Anyone else having this issue, or know of a work-around?

Use the search facility, and look for “10 degree”, which will tell you what’s going on, and how to fix it.

None of these pertain to me. It happens while using the mouse “left click” or the “scroll wheel” also.

I did see someone mention that this problem does NOT happen while on the ground, this is also the case with me.


So you don’t have a controller with latching switches, like the Honeycomb yoke, or Thrustmaster Warthog throttle? Interesting.

I use the Logitech Flight Yoke

Do you also find that altitude changes in 1000ft increments, instead of 100ft? If so, it certainly sounds like the x10 bug, but I don’t remember reading it being caused by your particular yoke.

Nothing else connected that might do this? The simplest thing to do, as a test, would be to unplug all additional hardware, except mouse, and keyboard. Confirm that you get 1 degree, and 100ft increments back, then start plugging things back in again until the problem comes back.

So, as initially stated, this was while using the mouse (left click), I also found that I AM able to increment by 1 degree while on the ground. For testing, I assigned a button on my Logitech Flight Yoke for the Heading increase/decrease, which also worked fine (1 degree at a time) while on the ground, however, once I was in flight the Flight Yoke also began incrementing by 10 degrees instead of one. MAJOR BUG

Also, this is only in the Carenado PA44. I fly the Daher TMB 930 very often and have no issues with the “Heading Increment Bug”.

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So, Carenado forwarded this to their “Development Team” who responded that “Unless you are changing headings drastically (20* or more), then the heading indicator will not adjust in increments of one degree”. WHAT !!! In what world is this considered to be a good design/development ???

Not being able to adjust the heading in increments of 1 degree is a HUGE design flaw, which they consider to be “normal”. If you are considering wasting $29.99 on the Carenado PA44 for MSFS 2020, save your money and DO NOT PURCHASE !!

It’s also garbage, as I have been regularly doing that with my Logitech multi-panel, and with the mouse in the cockpit.

It’s well known issue related to certain controllers. Either they don’t know this, or they are being obtuse for some reason.

To follow-up and give credit where it’s due, I’m happy to say that the heading indicator issue in the Carenado PA 44 has been fixed in the last patch !!! :grinning:

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