Carenado PC-12

I decided to hanger my PC-12 too. I will wait for the SWS version.


Never had the problem before, installed the latest 22H2 windows update and now have the same problem?

Nevertheless, it is Carenado’s task to eliminate this problem. The problem does not occur with other aircraft either! :wink:


I was on the last beta on Xbox, knew it was broken on SU 10. I was sorta jelly all was fine on PC, besides the list of problems everyone had.

Glad everyone is now on the same page. Seriously glad we all spent 26$ on a 1 star plane.

Do we know when that one is due?

See this thread.

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End of 2022 it looks like.

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Anyone else having issues lowering the fuel cut off switch? I keep clicking on it and it keeps on staying put. I can’t even fly with it like this. Not even Control+E will properly start the engine.
I think I’d rather have a refund at this point.
How to proceed with getting a refund?

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Wow thats pretty bad.

That’s another variation of the bug which causes the landing gear lever to be up and most switches frozen when loading the a/c cold and dark. It can be resolved by loading a different aircraft first and then load the PC12 again.

Yes, I think a refund is the only option at this point. It’s been well over a month, and there’s still no word from Carenado. Quite simply unacceptable. I’d also be interested to know how to request a refund after buying from the Marketplace.


Microsoft refund, they refund the sim credits. You keep the bird…


Yeah I feel bad about not supporting devs but Microsoft clearly knows this bird is in a bad spot. It went almost instantly.

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I got it working again.
Thanks for the help.

I think I like the plane again haha

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What do you mean you keep the plane?

Microsoft refunds sim credits you paid for…

You do know there’s no such thing a refunds on marketplace items. No way to remove the aircraft.

But Microsoft will refund you the sim credits. Goes back on your debt. Like a “good faith gesture”

It’s probably going to my one any only refund for a marketplace items. MSFS says right on their page… someplace they “DO NOT” offer refunds on marketplace items.

I really thought Carenado would fix these issues pretty quickly but, alas, they seem more preoccupied with releasing the classics like the V35 and now the Cessna 195 rather than their original planes. I’m very disappointed. I have not flown the PC12 since buying it and a try-out.

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I keep hoping for a fix every Thursday. Fingers crossed once again.

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I would like to see complete integration with the Bravo quadrant auto pilot buttons and selector knob in being able to change the altitude selector via the buttons and rotor knob on the bravo.
It’s a small thing but very useful.

Sadly, this has been their M. O. for a long time. It’s why I’m so bummed that Asobo is giving them so many great planes to halfway build and sell.


I posted earlier that after updating to 22H2, I lost my engine bar indicators.

Having not had any luck, I eventually found in the settings at the bottom…Experimental

Nanovg Mode…this was ‘ON’ (no clue what it is)

I have now turned it off and my tapes are back :+1:

The only thing I find now is I can’t take a screenshot with the normal MSFS keys? Will try a reboot, to see if that fixes the screenshot problem.


Have rebooted and found out that Nanovg mode keeps turning itself back on!