Carenado PC-12

I’ve noticed that too, but it’s not always the case. I simply tried clicking on the knobs with the left and right mouse buttons and then it worked…

The plane is gorgeous to fly. However, I experienced some memory leak (if that is the cause for decrease fps over time) upon arrival even with the avidyne display off. Hope this will be addressed as the PC12 is very good to fly.


Actually, it is the 310 and another one plane as well in multiplayer.
There is a mod on flightsim to that addresses this issue.

Yes, the engine/fuel etc panel is adjusted by the knob labeled “PILOT.”
Noticed the Avidyne still severely degrades performance.
Turning it off improves FPS.
There are still bugs.

I just bought the PC-12. I can’t pre select autopilot modes on the gound, and I can’t even turn on the Flight Director without the AP being engaged. I had the PC-12 on X-plane, and I used to set up the AP before takeoff, heading select with runway heading dialed in, and a 10 degree pitch hold, Turn on the FD, and fly the FD manually until 1000 ft above the ground the turn on AP. Is the MSFS version just lacking the proper implementation or am I doing something wrong ?

How do you get the throttle to beta range? The propeller reverse thrust button in the sim doesnt work on the pc12.

Sadly got this yesterday thinking from a few reports it seemed to be mostly fixed i think its a great plane and flew very well sadly after 30-40 mins the fps plumetted to 9 fps, avidyne was turned OFF for whole flight and made no difference. I also noticed the working title G530 on the MP conflicts with something on the plane
so i really like it apart from its unusable due to the fps issue


I had the same issue, but then realized, when troubleshooting another issue, i had turned HAGS/game mode back on. i also found as soon as i turned on Avidyne it went form 40fps down to 9. But ive since turned HAGS/game mode back off, and after 2, 2+ hour flights, with avidyne on and off, im sitting around 52fps. still need test further but id start there…

I normally run legacy cockpit controls, but ive read on here earlier that some people have trouble interacting with cockpit using the other style (its called lock i think, can be found in Accessibility options)

Odd. I wad under the impression that Game Mode was now considered a good thing to have on (but keeping HAGS off).
For the beta? There are tutorials that can help set this up. Every set up is different and hopefully you can find a solution. Another question…how can I reply to multiple people in one comment?

well I’m getting fps drop and i don’t use hags.
have you got the GT 750 selected or the other one 530?

I used both, Pms GTN750 on first flight, and 530 (NOT working title version) on the 2nd. They were flights in pretty sparse environments (Australia & Africa) , where ive generally gotten better perf., so think i needa test more, just thought may help

oh ok, maybe i’ll try put it on, as for multipost, ive not seen multipost on here. i know other forums, like DCS, will do it automatically if you post back to back and no one replies between

reply from carenado says they are working to fix the fps drop on the next update the only problem is will i live that long


hahahaha - this is a question some of us will surely ask ourselves :smiley: :beers:

It turned out it was the Working Title GNS 530, after uninstalling it the AP works fine now.


lol since the release they are saying that