Carenado Piper Arrow MSFS GPS problem

Please, How I can turn GPS and other radio equipment in Carenado Arrow? Turned battery on, Radio Alternator on, Radio Master switch on and GPS and other radio stuff are dark.

It is not like on this video, when I flip Radio Master GPS are dark

Today’s patch fixed flap issues but GPS are dark for me on cold start.

Thanks for any help. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Now I am not able to reproduce. Got issue only once today. What I can reproduce is that Autopilot is not powered now.

Silly question coming up. Are you sure that the autopilot isn’t on? I’ve just spent a couple of hours wrestling with this, and eventually discovered that the autopilot was on, but the display was poorly illuminated. It certainly doesn’t go orange like in Carenado’s manual!

Pressing the HDG or ALT buttons (etc) bring up a black on green LCD display to indicate which mode(s) is selected, which is very difficult to see unless you have the instrument view set up close and personal to the AP. The AP Master rocket switch then engages the AP.

I’m not convinced that some panel light setting didn’t affect it, as I’ve been fiddling all morning!

Thanks for reply, well I don’t think AP was on. It was right at start of light on ramp parking with Cold & Dark.

What I observed issue is completely random. Sometime I got all fine, sometime GPS screens are dead, sometime AP LCD is dead. I have feeling it have something to do with initialization of Piper after you flew some other aircrafts in same session without restart MSFS.

I posted bug on Carenado support and only got “Reinstall it again”

BTW found silly bug, try open that small vent window on left cockpit window when airborne :slight_smile: I even not have mood to report it to Carenado support.

I’ve had no trouble with the GPS screens.

I did have a problem with teh vent - I thought it was me missingteh hotspot. But I was only playing around!

Problem solved. Idle your engine above 800RPM and the screens will power up.

I’ve had trouble with Carenado’s AP master switch. I can never tell if it’s on or not. I sent a message to their support and they stated a new release is available. Since I’m on #xbox I’ll have to wait for it to hit that marketplace.

Are any of you experiencing an issue with the landing lights? Mine turn on, but they don’t illuminate anything.