Carenado Piper PA-28 update broke trim and sensitivities

I updated the piper arrow today and it broke the trim and sensitivities and now the plane is almost impossible to fly. Anyone else?

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Which Piper? Recommend you modify the thread title to be more specific

carenado piper

Phew! Don’t scare me like that. I’m on the train home, itching to try the JF Arrow update.

Also Carenado has several Pipers released for MSFS. Which one?

I’m pretty sure the Carenado PA-28 got updated.

the carenado arrow III pa-28 totally broke the sensitivities. Also autopilot alert is loud and broken

OP will get more useful help if they can be more specific. But that’s up to them.

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so anyone else have this same problem for the pa-28?

I don’t have that one, but what do you mean specifically by “broke”? That’s a very vague term.

Yes. @Mooney251 Please consider changing the subject to include Carenado Piper Arrow. Or similar.

there you go hoban

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by broke, I mean the sensitivity settings for the trim does not work. Trim does not keep the plane flying level no matter what setting. Plane was flying fine before the update. Also the autopilot audio warning when autopilot is turned off is a loud broken sounding tone.which does not switch off. Anyone who has updated the plane please let me know if you are having the same problem.

Did you update your Piper from the content manager to the latest version? I don’t own the plane (yet), but I know they have a brand new update for it to fix issues with the last patch. I’m just not familiar with what those specific issues / breaks were to comment on that.

I have it, I’ll check it out, I’m just moving the ridiculous eye point setting in the cockpit :slight_smile:

I love the 3 Carenado planes I own, but their cockpit camera views are beyond stupid.


It has a ridiculous tilted angle and I always feel like I’m looking over the top of the monitor when looking out of the front wind shield, I don’t know what the idea was behind that, must be a pain for VR users :slight_smile:

I applied the update from the content manager. Let me know CH how the update affects your plane.

Will do, nearly set up now :slight_smile:

Everything is working as it should here, AP works fine, how high have you got your cockpit sound settings? Also pitch trim seems fine. Is your trim setting moving the trim wheel or your yoke?