Carenado Seneca Lights

Is it possible to bind the Strobes and Landing lights? Cant seem to get them working with my Honeycomb Alpha.

I fly the Seneca a lot and have a CH Products throttle quadrant with strobes bound to a button and it works on the Seneca. The panel switch doesn’t move, but the strobes turn on/off with the binding.

As you know there are three landing lights – one in center and on each wing tip. Binding to Landing Light Toggle only works for the center one, and just like the strobe, the panel switch doesn’t move. But the light will turn on/off with the binding.

I found that the wing landing lights (that can either be on steady or alternating ‘pulse’) are controlled by the sim’s Logo Light and Recognition Light commands, and binding those on my controller work for the Seneca as well, but only for on/off (not pulse). Again the panel switch does not move.

I’m guessing the alternating ‘pulse’ on/off and the three-way panel switches are done in custom code, so I’m not sure if they can be bound to a control.

I’ve bound everything on the upper panel to control buttons so the the panel switches not moving doesn’t bother me, as I often forget that panel is even up there.

Thank you for this! Everything is indeed working, the switches just aren’t moving. That’s fine with me for now…hopefully a future update will correct it.

Wait…how are you getting the landing lights on the wings to turn on by a switch? I can get the nose gear landing light to come on but not the wings. Same with the king air. If I use the toggle in the settings menu the switch in the plane flickers.