Carenado Updates are available via Content Manager

■■■■■■■■ finally. Hopefully they fixed the Mooney.

Not yet, it seems.


10 char limit, bah!

Yes we have to wait. Other devlopers need three days after SU5. Careanado??? We will see. It´s a very bad joke.

Bit shortsighted. Us Xbox-Pilots will buy Carenado once or twice - as I did with the Waco and C170 - and then this is history too. I will not buy Carenado again (and I was planning on their Mooney and Seneca).

This debacle is a nice way to tarnish the Carenado brand for a long time. I will vote with my wallet and take my business elsewhere (India Foxt Echo for example).

Pro Tip - everyone probably notes Carenado is not active in the MSFS forums. However, they have a Facebook and Twitter presence where they do respond. Want to vent your spleen? Please do it there.

More importantly, per the Category Rules of the Third Party subforums this is not a customer complaint or bug-reporting forum. Per the earlier helpful post, use their Zendesk instance (it’s not related at all to MS-Asobo’s) to register customer complaints and feedback.

We’ll let this thread remain open for GENERAL comments per the Category Rules, but any more complaints/griping/calls to action for Carenado - it’s shut down.


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I did use their zendesk. Lead to exactly nowhere. But that doesn’t matter as I enjoy the Flight sim in other addons then. No hard feelings on my end, just a lesson learnt.

So, given that I do not have a Facebook or a Twitter account. Nor will I ever.
How else am I to express the altogether Germane and reasonable opinion that to buy a product such as Carenodo’s M20R Mooney which is ONLY available from the marketplace, is - because of preposterously long waiting times for updates - a very bad idea?


You’re free to file a Zendesk with whoever you think will give you recourse. Both companies have one.

Coincidentally, both companies also require customer feedback that is addressable to be sent via Zendesk. So there it is.

Edited to add: there is a #community:marketplace forum where you can provide Code of Conduct compliant feedback regarding that sales channel. For Carenado itself, it’s just not going to reach them from here.

Ah, you miss my point.
I do not wish, nor do I have any intention to file anything with anyone regarding the dearth or otherwise of updates regarding Carenado’s Mooney.
Frankly, and in my opinion [I do have opinions] the response would be the far side of glacial, if at all.

No, my intention was - and remains - merely an act of altruism, in that I wanted to appraise the community of the possible consequences of purchasing from the marketplace products that are exclusive to the marketplace.

And where better to do that than in this very forum!

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You can do that in the #community:marketplace forum if the product is served out of that sales channel - which to my knowledge, Carenado products for MSFS are exclusively.

OK, how do I word this without doing what you said not to do.

Occasionally there are companies who do not listen to customer feedback, no matter where it is shared or posted. I know that because a particular company has lied to me for months and months about a feature that is important to me, and likely to others, but doubly so to me because of my disability. Since it’s clear that using some companies FB or Twitter accounts to get adequate customer service is pointless, sometimes a post here about just who those companies are and what their foul is might warn potential future customers that perhaps it’s not the best idea to buy from them.



Well said that man.
Whatever the nature of your disability it is good to see that it has not stymied your ability or desire to
express yourself.

Clear skies.


You’ll have to find another channel. MSFS Board is not a Customer Service channel for other parties. That’s not being unsympathetic, the rationale is that putting the burden on a fourth-party for a third-party’s actions isn’t equitable or logical. The folks who can fix the problem with that product aren’t here. They don’t work here, they don’t monitor this channel. Providing feedback would make sense if we were a clearing house for reviews, but we are not. We are focused on the MSFS product. Full stop.

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Odd! You are trying [for reasons unknown] to make an argument for a point of order that, I at least, am not contesting!

I say again: I am not here looking for a fix to any problems or issues!
And given that the marketplace so clearly IS part of the MSFS product, I am just using this,
the MSFS 2020 forum, to appraise the wider MSFS community of users that there can be… pitfalls
to purchasing FROM the marketplace.
And you will notice how carefully I choose my words when doing so.

I am not here for an argument! But your last statement is so wrong, in so many ways, it had to be challenged.

However here, in this domain, I am a mere mortal. A paying Microsoft customer, but a mere
mortal nevertheless.
You, on the other hand, are the forum gods. And you have limitless powers! Powers that you can use to strike me down for having the affrontery to disagree.

Whatever, this is my last statement in this thread.

PP. Many other places.

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It’s funny, I just copied and pasted this from another topic just seconds ago. It’s getting a lot of re-use:

Moderators are Volunteer Staff. We are not paid, we are not compensated. We do everything we do on a voluntary basis. And we are end-users, just like you. We are NOT MS-Asobo employees. We have no influence on how this sim is developed or evolved.

My primary job is to enforce and facilitate the safe, respectful and relevant conversations about MSFS under the auspices of the Code of Conduct.

That being said, the aspects of Customer Complaints about third party products falls under that last paragraph. That include pre-emptive warnings under the cover of Caveat Emptor.

Thank you. My legs don’t work right, and I’m mostly bed-bound meaning the ability for me to zoom into the cockpit of an aircraft in VR by moving my face forward is quite limited. That is what VR-Cockpit Zoom provides. My personal opinion is that any plane that does not support that should be considered beta, as it’s not complete.

But just because my legs don’t work doesn’t mean my mouth doesn’t lol, I’ve always been a chatterbox, and not being able to walk ain’t gonna change that! If anything, it’s made it worse. I would advise people not to call me if they don’t have at least an hour and a half to listen to me chew their ears off lol…


Seminole update has finally arrived.


Nice. Did they fix the interior engine sound?

From the version logs, they did mention that the interior sounds have been improved. It does sound louder to me. COM2 NAV2 knobs now work too.