Carenado updates crash my sim!

I saw there were updates for three of my Carenado AC in Content Mgr, The Waco, Seminole, and C170B. Each of them downloaded, then crashed the sim. Content Mgr now shows they are updated but if i select them to fly, the sim crashes.

No worries, sez I, I’ll just download them and reinstall BUT they won’t delete without…wait for it…CRASHING THE SIM!!!

EDIT: I was finally able to uninstall the Waco. Jury’s still out on whether or not to reinstall.

Do you have other mods installed? I flew the 170 after updating and had no problems.


I have the same problem. Carenado aircraft crash my sim after update.

just happened to me too, going to try updating everything other than those and avoid flying those until I hear it is working.

When I restarted the sim, there was another mandatory update. After that download, I flew the updated Seminole and 170 with no issues. I’ll try a reinstall on the Waco later. I’ve had all the fun I can stand for now.

Same here. Will see if it clears up after I load up the sim again

I got a CTD when I clicked on the Mooney after updating it. After relaunching the sim, all my 3rd party liveries for the Mooney aren’t showing, so I assume they were the problem. I haven’t looked at the other aircraft I updated, but I’m guessing the liveries need updated to be compatible. No problems flying after restarting.

I found that if you toggle the button on the right of each item, it lets you pick and choose what to update in each add-on itself. Try to do this with the WU6 update and just update the photogrammery. Then move onto the Waco

This was happening to me earlier today but it cleared up

For the first time in ages I updated three Carenado aircraft today, and my sim didn’t crash! Typically it would crash if I also had the BBS BN2 Islander installed. The planes were the M20R Ovation, the Arrow, and the Seminole.

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Updated my Mooney and C170B, loaded a flight with the Mooney and the sim CTD first time. Since then, it’s been smooth sailing.

I have now a similar problem. When the cessna 182 loaded, you could see shortly the cockpit and then after crash the sim. I had deleted the carenado cessna and Money 20 and reinstall this. But the same problem. All everyone else aircrafts on the sim, are fine.

I think the problem with the Carenado aircraft is Dx12, switch back to Dx11 and they will be fine.

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Thanks, this is the solution