Carenado's updates

I think you’re a bit wrong there! It is built that way!!! :wink:
Take a look at this video at about 5 min you can see very well how high the cockpit is opposite the side windows :wink: or at 7:30 - note the eye level of the pilots opposite the side windows - top edge! Carenado has done a 100% good job!

Sorry, but I fly this aircraft in the real world. Both the 182T and T182T, and I can tell you that it is way off.

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I guess I have the worse cards then :slight_smile: :v:
Of course I can only orientate myself by videos etc…
In all the videos I have seen so far, the pilots had to lower their heads properly so that they could look straight out of the side window.
Also in the linked video in comparison to the cockpit of Carenado it looks coherent to me.

Of course, you can’t compare all this with flying this aircraft in real life as you do.

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The 182 is the only aircraft they have that the default cockpit view is centered correctly and you are naturally ‘looking’ out at the horizon. For the others I have completely different ALT+# positions set, the 170 being the worst. Many are too far forward/too high/looking down, makes it a pain for the snap back view button.

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I guess everyone has their own preferences :wink:
Personally, the standard view is much too far back for me, because I don’t think that in real life you have both screens in your field of vision when you’re looking straight ahead.
But everyone can adjust it the way they want - saying one is right or the other is wrong is out of place here :wink:

Well with a 55" a couple inches behind the yoke, I have to look down and to the right to look at it.

Can anyone confirm if the PC12 on marketplace has been updated before I purchase it?

I think I read that Carenado is planning an update of all aircraft for 29 January… please don’t beat me if it is not so

Carenado is in the process of updating all of their planes. So far the 182T is the first. So no, the PC12 has not been updated as yet.

So, 2 months later and any updates?

Still waiting for the Beech 18 to be fixed. Even sent a request to Carenado’s support team. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t…

Not Flying it again until they do, it’s so stunning looking, but the nosedives in level flight are doing my head in. It’s like people are running around in the back, really anoying.

So far almost all Carenado planes have been updated with CFD, WT GNS, GTN750’s and bug fixes. Except for the Waco and C337. As for the later I’m not sure if it uses CFD or not and the AP and WT GNS/GTN seems working ok. For the Beech 18 there is a very good mod on which improve the flight model, engines operation, electric uses and has engine wear.

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…I’m still waiting for 182T to fix an issue I had raised years ago, where overhead lighting masks prevent any lights at the cockpit panel. You turn on the dome lights and the only thing that’s affected are the seats. The instruments remain as dark as night so it’s not fun to fly at night. This is basic functionality which should have been fixed ages ago.

You’re right, that bothers me too!

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Ah, thanks for the hint, it just came out 2 days ago and i see it’s got a loving following!

Well, since it’s new, i’ll post the link here:

And a redirect to the mod’s author’s post:

The Seneca V got a considerable update early April, v2.0.1. Many bug fixes, better GTN’s and WT integration, improved flight model (much better) and sound set overhaul with more switches sounds, ground roll and most notably much better new engine sounds, now more audible from within the cockpit. Good to see Carenado updating and upgrading their line of products. Crossing fingers that this will be the standard level of quality at launch for their future realeses.


I just noticed more recent updates for:

Cessna 337 v2.0.2, more liveries, asobo avatars, better gtn’s integration, bug fixes…
Cessna 170 v2.0.0, more liveries, asobo avatars, better startup effects, bug fixes…

Kudo’s Carendo.

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Updates have been released for

C337 Skymaster
PA34 Seneca V
PA28R Arrow III

according to MSFSAddons

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All updates installed immediately on arrival at the marketplace and happy :wink:

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Cannot see the “Improved integration of WT GNS 530/430” on the PA28R Arrow III using a physical Realsimgear unit. Caranado is still unable to distinguish it´s inputs and just sends commands from the RSG to both GNS430 resulting in double FPL entries and messing everything up.
The autopilot is unable to do a standard rate turn and massively overbanks therefore not complying with the standards for autopilots.