Carendo PA28R ARROW III - Flaps causing immediate loss of control

Anyone having this issue after the latest update?

Any flaps not zero, the aircraft immediately pitches down and just flips out. It’s not gradual either. Incredibly abrupt.

It is already known, and it happens with other planes. They were “investigating the issue” last time I read about it. Use the search button before posting. Thank you, have a wonderful day

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I used the search button before posting and didn’t see any such post regarding flaps causing any aircraft to just flip nose over tail. Thanks, and have a great day.

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Yeah, no problem. See there, maybe they have a fix or a workaround

It has been stated here and there that the flaps are inducing an excessive amount of drag more or less depending on the aircraft.

Just my two cents here, but this bug may have been introduced with the implementation of the new “wear & tear” slider that is supposed to add a certain percentage of drag to the whole fuselage in order to simulate aging of the plane


Someone mentioned a CG issue. I am playing around with these settings and getting the same result regardless of where I’m placing CG. It’s comical to see the airplane just flip out “goat simulator” style.

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This update is ■■■■ in all honesty. It brings nearly nothing to the table or very little and introduces some game breaking bugs, performance issues and that pesky trend of downgrading graphics enforcing this time much lower tree rendering distance without being able to do much to mod it.

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Agree. What is maddening is that I was getting my best GPU performance after UK update. I was getting an improved VR experience also. This past update is just a complete flop. I’m not a dev/ or programmer - but this still reminds me of my first thought of MSFS so far … is still a title built on a house-of-cards. You breathe on it, and it just falls apart.

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Dev blog showing Carenado PA28 updated.

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I have the same issue, Impossible to take off if flaps are not zero

Hello, Have you found the solution to the ARROWS flap sin?

It’s fine now. Make sure you are on Modern Flight Model.

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Well, dear friend, is excellent solutions , Tank you

I don’t experience these issues.

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