Category for Helipads, Water Starts etc

I would love to see an option to categorize our starting and arrival location, like were you put you select your location to start let us categorize by Heliports and Water Starts please it will make it so much easier to select the right location for a water start or helipad.

To add to this - and maybe one for 3rd party developers of scenery to think about too - I’d love to be able to start from the helipads at airports. In real life, there are helipads at most major airports (Heathrow, Brussels, Newark, etc.) so it would be great if the sim defaulted you to these when in a helicopter rather than, say, runway 09 at Heathrow!

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If you mean on the world map, you can already do this by using the existing filters to remove the unwanted types of runway/start location.

As stated by @Speed1994 , this is already available as a filter on the World Map. Is that what you were talking about?

No it’s not what we ask for, that is something completely different

Maybe I should be more specific, what we want is where you now have from were you choose your airport that we can have a category selection of water airports, heliports and airports which in turn will make it a lot easier for everyone to just look for an airport in there that fits with what they want such as when taking of with a float then you want to start at an airport that has water or if in a helicopter you would want to start at a heliport. It be so much better if we could sort it in there. Hopefully now its more clear on what we mean

That still sounds like what you can already do on the world map.
For example, in ‘FILTERS’ you turn on water runways and turn off dirt runways etc. so it will only show airports with water runways.

If you mean something else could you explain more please :slight_smile:

Edit: Do you mean in the airport search box?

I am talking about the place where you pick your from and to not the filter for the map

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Let’s say I want to start a seaplane from a mountain lake. I select the point on the map and have the option to start at ground/water level, cold and dark. That would be amazing and what I think the OP is talking about.

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No i am talking about a sorting option for your from and to location so you can easily find helipads for example